Weekend Reading Vol. 17

October 3, 2015

Happy weekend, friends! I don’t know about you but I’m LOVING this colder weather. I’ve got a busy working weekend ahead, but there’s always time for some great links, right?

Here are a few of my faves…

1  My heart stopped when I saw this collection of rainbow glassware. Yeah, I’m going to need one of those… (A Beautiful Mess)  |  2  And speaking of rainbows, I am so into the colorful stained wood floor trend. What’s your vote on this look? (Apartment Therapy)


3  Olivia Palermo’s collection for Bauble Bar is seriously beautiful. I’m especially loving the Queenbee Cuff, which for only $58 is a total steal. (Bauble Bar)  |  4  Drawer separators always seem like such a great idea, but also like a project I don’t really want to tackle. This DIY, however, is brilliant, totally versatile, and seems easy enough to actually accomplish. (I Heart Organizing)


5  How about a little dance break for your weekend?! I could watch this dance scene mashup all day.

A few more…

The easiest coat rack DIY that’s perfect for fall. (Because I’m Addicted)

I thought this was hilarious. Calm down, ladies. (Hulu)

Have you caught a sneak peek of the Cupcakes & Cashmere home collection? (Racked)

The truest doormat of all time. (Etsy)

Iconic film roles that almost when to other actors. (Vogue)

Put these on my dream shoe wishlist. (ASOS)

And you’ve got to love Amy. (Pop Sugar)


What links did you love this week?



Getting to Know You | September

September 24, 2015



I had so much fun doing this post last month and was surprised and thrilled with how many people took part! Thank you all so much! It’s wonderful to get to know you all better and start to put a real person behind comment names.

If you’re new to this post series, here’s how it goes: I’m asking and answering five random questions about myself and if you want to join in, just choose one, two, or all five questions and answer them yourself in the comments. Grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or the pumpkin-spiced drink of your choice and let’s get to know each other better!





Now it’s your turn! Give us your answers in the comments and feel free to share with friends via the social sharing buttons below.


As always, thanks for reading! I can’t wait to get to know you better!




Weekend Reading Vol. 16

September 20, 2015

What’s a great way to spend a Sunday? Sharing in some awesome links, of course! Here are my favorite internet finds of the week, selected for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

1  Halloween is my favorite holiday so I’m thrilled to see that bloggers are already shelling out great ideas! I really love this “Tortured Artist Party.” I mean, the costume options are endless and incredible.  (The House that Lars Built)  |  2  And how about this adorable DIY Pantone couple’s costume?! Seriously, will Pantone-themed things ever get old? If you said no you get an A+.  (Sugar & Cloth)


3  It’s no secret that bandanas have been the accessory of the year, but do you really know how to tie them yet? I love these chic and easy ideas for major neck scarf inspiration.  (A Pair & A Spare)  |  4  And speaking of trends this year, this affordable statement art DIY is a great way to bring a bit of the palm leaf trend into your home.  (Chapter Friday)


5  Because you deserve a good laugh today- check out this adorable prankster baby and be reminded that the world can be pretty stinking cute.


Plus a few more…

A great concept book for artists and illustrators.

Some gorgeous bohemian interior inspiration.

What do you think of this news? Like or Dislike?

This is so cute and only $24.99!

You’ve got to love Anna Kendrick.

Would you try this blue lip gloss?

An uplifting post about happiness.

And these shoes are insane….ly awesome.


What are your favorite links this week?



Five Must-See Shows from NYFW Spring 2016

NYFW is a time when I am most thankful for the wonders of technology (we can’t all be front row ticket holders). No, instead I, along with most of the world, take part via the screen. Thankfully sites like have the best trend updates and live videos of shows so that you can feel just like you were there.

In case you haven’t been following along, I’ve compiled what are, to me, the most important, most innovative, most trend-forecasting shows from last week. And the best part? Ten minutes is all you need to get to know the collections that will be making a major impact this spring.


1. Marc Jacobs

You can always look to Marc Jacob for an imaginative collection, but this season was an absolute theatrical extravaganza. A tight Americana-inspired color palette creates cohesion among what could easily be considered an overly whimsical mashup of Wild West/Old Hollywood/Evel Knievel/Drum Majorette(/just about anything else you can think of) references. The entertainment factor was an at all-time high, but let’s not forget that Jacobs is always at the epicenter of what is next in fashion, and judging from these looks, the message is simple: fashion should be fun! From fringe to sequins to those incredible face prints, maximalism is in and anything goes!  (Marc said so.)    

2. Rodarte

The rock-inspired romance seen on the Rodarte runway speaks to my very core. The 70s trend (which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon) is elevated with layered textures and romantic silhouettes. The collection ranges from overtly feminine, seen in the tiered lace dresses, to having a certain “with the band” edge, a la the skinny scarves and more relaxed silhouettes. The glam 70s influence is strong, but it’s married perfectly with timeless, romantic turn-of-the-century nods. Inspired by poetry, this collection fuses soft Victorian-era necklines and delicate silks and velvets with a harder, rock-and-roll attitude to create this soft and dreamy glam rock wonderland that could easily make my personal top 10 collections of all time.

3. Alexander Wang

The king of au courant streetwear, Alexander Wang’s 10th anniversary collection encapsulated everything street style stars will be snapped in next season. Moto-inspired details, thick chains, wide striped denim, army surplus jackets, pajama dressing, and fringed leather were all present, creating a downtown cool vibe that seemed incredibly New York and yet also very LA. Overall, the collection hailed as another success in the career of the unstoppable (and super cool) Alexander Wang.      

4. Proenza Schouler

Spanish influences were a common thread among many shows at NYFW, but no one seemed to present such an innovative take on it as Proenza Schouler. Classic silhouettes were deconstructed and turned on their heads, producing innovative lines and asymmetry that is so fresh and modern. The design duo was said to have been inspired by a banana peel and that’s very apparent in the decision to forgo traditional closures, opting instead for rivets, ties, and bows that essentially kept the pieces from falling open and “un-peeling.” The thoughtfulness that goes into creating a collection focused on reinventing the classics in such a daring way is something in itself to be respected and appreciated.

5. Diane von Furstenberg

For her insanely impressive 40th anniversary collection, Diane von Furstenberg did what she does best: she presented a runway that was an exact replica of herself. That is, everything reflected her knack for looking equally effortless and sexy. From Studio 64-era one shoulder gowns in brilliant saffron and pink chiffon to the iconic wrap dress presented in perfectly patch-worked florals, DVF knows how to flatter a woman and she consistently wows. Even the beauty, in fresh pinks, big waves, and a flower in the hair, represents how women will want to look in real life this spring. And isn’t that what great design is all about?



What was your favorite show from NYFW?



Life Lately + A “Stylin'” September Playlist

September 18, 2015

Welcome to “Life Lately,” the new, updated version of my regular “Currently” series. I thought it was time to switch the format up a little and I also wanted to work my love of music into the blog more. So each month, I’ll be sharing my regular prompts as well as a new work playlist. Check it out and feel free to share a few of your own answers to these prompts in the comments. I love to hear about your lives! :)


Here’s what my life looks like lately…


Dreaming up some paintings I want to make to liven up my apartments bare walls. I’ve talked about these diamond paintings by Kurt Pio before and I’ve basically been thinking non-stop about how I can attempt to recreate them on a budget. Must. Have. Diamond. Painting.


Watching You’re the Worst. Have you seen this show yet? I think it’s hilarious. Equally hilarious- the new season of The Mindy Project on Hulu! You’ve got to love a good Joseph Gordon-Levitt dream sequence. :)


Reading so far nothing this month except the September issues, but I’ve got Go Set a Watchman and Why Not Me? on my list for next week (did I mention I like Mindy Kaling?).

Feeling cozy!! I get so excited when the temperatures start to drop. I feel like this might get me a few unsubscribes, but does anyone else love to see the summer go? Bring on the fall festivities!

Eating macarons from Pistacia Vera. It’s basically the first place I take anyone from out of town. They seriously could not be better. Pistachio is my favorite. Mmmmm….


Working on our costume collection for Highball. Ankara prints are basically taking over my life.

Wearing boots! It’s not quite cool enough here in Ohio to warrant them, but I just couldn’t wait. This awesome patchwork pair and these olive western boots are topping my boot wishlist right now.

Planning on tackling some rug diy projects. I mean, this is pretty cool for $30, right?

Listening to this awesome style-inspired playlist! Whether you’re obsessing over NYFW or just back-to-school shopping, September, to me, is all about style. This playlist is so fun and upbeat- perfect for a dance party break! You can listen to it on Spotify here.



What are you excited to wear this fall?



Weekend Reading Vol. 15

September 13, 2015

Happy Sunday, pals! I have so many links to love this week- let’s dig in!…

1  I’m fascinated by the amount of detail in these tiny paintings by artist Karen Libecap. (Bored Panda)  |  2  The Dress the Rainbow project is one of the most brilliant, aesthetically-pleasing ideas I’ve seen in a long time. Click through for a video of the full rainbow. (The House that Lars Built)


3  Oh my goodness, the detail in this editorial is ah-maaaz-ing! (Honestly WTF)  |  4  Adding “bake these Paleo Pumpkin Bars” to the fall to-do list. They look and sound like gluten-free heaven. (Hummusapien)


5  I’m pretty stoked about this marble nail DIY tutorial. (And that matching phone case!)


Looking for a few more?

The Free People September lookbook is 70s perfection.

Tinder for font pairing.

Mood rings!

The perfect summer-to-fall transitional dress.

I need this brilliant envelope addressing tool.

Primark has hit the US!

These cupcakes are equal parts disturbing and adorable.

A cool way to patch denim.

Love this shirt and this sweater.

And my favorite look of the week.


What links are you loving this week?


Tips & Goals

September Life and Business Goals

September 11, 2015

Oh man, I can’t believe how fast September is flying by! Or the fact that I am just now getting around to my monthly goals! Mainly it’s because I’ve still been trying to finish up what was definitely an overly-ambitious list of August goals. Normally, I would like to repost that list and go through each goal one by one and report back to you how I did. Except I’m generally 75% done with all of it so basically you can just apply “sort of” to all my goals last month and that’s where I’m at.

Overall it’s been a pretty productive month for me. My design partner and I made some serious progress on our collection for Highball (a fashion/costume design contest), I’ve done a logo design and full re-branding for a local company, and I’ve gotten some work done on my own logo and branding for a graphic design site I hope to launch this fall.

I’ve still got a lot more design work to do this month, so I want to keep my outside goals kind of easy and fun. Here’s what I’ve got on my plate…


Why is learning a rap song on piano part of my goals list? Because why the heck not? I just keep seeing that YouTube video of the guy playing Dr. Dre on piano and I want in. Hopefully next month I’ll have a slammin’ video of my own to share. :)

What goals are you working on this month?



Weekend Reading Vol. 14

September 7, 2015

Happy three day weekend for my friends in the states! My family is visiting today so I’ll be having the best day ever. And if you’re looking for ways to spend all your extra free time, why not sit back and relax with my favorite links of the week?…


1  Isn’t the color on these DIY alcohol ink mugs gorgeous?! Plus, the whole project seems very simple and inexpensive. (Babble)  |  2  I know I fangirl out on Austin Kleon pretty hard, but his brain is just fascinating to me. Have you seen his latest series of Xacto knife poetry? Brilliant. (Austin Kleon)


3  I’m so glad she pulled this out of the vault, because this DIY sleeveless coat is basically what I want to wear everyday this fall. (…Love Maegan)  |  4  Blueberry breakfast popsicles! Wouldn’t these be so nice to have on hand when you have weekend guests? (Style Me Pretty)


5  Did you know there is an app to help improve your mood and reduce anxiety?


And don’t miss these guys…

Tommy Ton debuted a new street style website.

I’m thinking these would make great holiday gifts.

This coat!!!

The perfect summer-fall transition look.

The newest podcast on my radar.

And a big Happy Birthday to my li’l sis, Brooke! Thanks for being my design partner-in-crime, watching endless bad movies with me, and for just being an overall BFF. I love you so much!



Decor / DIY

Five Ways to DIY It: The Artsy Credenza

September 6, 2015

Ever since these gorgeous credenzas from DENY caught my eye, I haven’t been able to shake the idea of having one for my dining room. If I had an spare $799 (a pretty reasonable price) in the budget, I would have one heading my way in a heartbeat. But for me and my personal finances, this is definitely not making the list of “must buys” anytime in the near future.

Especially when I can see so many great cost-cutting DIY possibilities! Using a thrifted sideboard or a basic IKEA piece and a little ingenuity, you could pretty easily replicate some of these looks in your space for half the cost- or even less!

Check out my 5 Ways to DIY It, while I look up all the upcoming garage sales in my area. 😉



inspiration  |  paint  |  brushes



inspiration  |  paint  |  tape



inspiration  |  utility knife  |  mural



inspiration  |  paint  |  brush  |  stencil



inspiration  |  blueprint copy  |  photo transfer medium  |  brush


I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for a frugal, DIY-able piece because I am crazy about the first look- the graphic word art. I also love the photo transfer idea (which by the way, would use a photocopy as opposed to an actual photo or anything with a high gloss finish). Wouldn’t it be a wonderful way to use a vacation pic? It’s a perfect blend of sentiment and good design. Which style is your favorite?

Would you give any of these DIYs a go?



FWS Book Report | August 2015

August 31, 2015

Do you all love reading as much as I do? This monthly series is quickly becoming one of my favorites because it has really put the pressure on me (the good kind of pressure) to reignite one of my favorite past-times. I tried to pick a variety this month: one “think piece,” if you will, one total guilty pleasure, and one non-fiction for work/life progress. Overall, it was a great mix and for the most part my expectations were completely surpassed. I really love it when that happens. :)


Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

I felt like a read a lot this month but in reality I just read this book very slowly. Not because it was boring or hard to get through, but because I was just really savoring it. I hadn’t read anything by Ishiguro before (like his award-winning novel, The Remains of the Day), but I’m now a devoted fan. I loved his use of imagery, every scene felt atmospheric, and thought he portrayed the complications of lifelong friendship really beautifully. The story centers around Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy, students at an exclusive (and very mysterious) English boarding school, as they try to uncover the intricacies of their fates. Overall, I found it hauntingly beautiful and can’t wait to read more from Ishiguro.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

You’ve likely already seen or read this New York Times Bestseller, which has floated around the blogosphere a lot in the past year. The cynic in me really didn’t want to love a book that was found in the “Teen Romance” section of the library, but the truth is, I really did love it. I couldn’t help it. It’s a story of two misfit teenagers in the 80s (bonus points) who bond over reading The Watchmen (bonus) and listening to bands like the Smiths (bonus). So I admit I was pretty much sold from the get go, but what really got me was the way they spoke to each other and their many memorable lines as they tried to describe their overflowing teenage emotions. Just check out this Pinterest search and you’ll see what I mean. Like I said, I went into it skeptical, but I read it in three days so what that says about my tastes, well I’ll let you decide that. Overall, I thought it was just a very endearing and incredibly entertaining read.

The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One by Margaret Lobenstine

This book is almost a decade old, but I had seen it on some “must read” list for creatives, so I decided to check it out. It some ways I was disappointed, but I think that’s just because I’d already gone through all of the soul-searching, purpose-finding angst for way longer than is typically recommended and finally feel that I’m mostly through that tunnel. Now, had I read this book back when I was on my 7th major at my 3rd college and could not for the life of me settle on one path, I think it would have been life-changing. While reading, I really took the time to go through the exercises and did find that they provided a little more clarity on my passions and life path. It kind of shed some new light on how to think about things, particularly in how to explain “what you do” when you’re a little bit scattered (totally related to that). Overall, although this book wasn’t life-changing for me now, I think it really could be for someone at the right time in their life.

Have you read any of these books? I’m dying to hear your thoughts on these and any books you’ve been loving lately!