$100 Giveaway with DiscountGlasses.com!

Glasses are such an important end note to a look. Whether it's the sunglasses you throw on as you're heading out the door or your everyday eyeglasses, a great pair that reflects your personal style is the ultimate way to complete an outfit. Much to my dismay, I'm the only one of my siblings who has never needed glasses. So when DiscountGlasses.com reached out to me about reviewing a pair of frames, I was thrilled. Not only do they have an assortment of frames for prescription lenses, but you also have the option to go with "fashion frames." This is your chance, I thought to myself. I could finally get those (faux) glasses I've always wanted! My mind whirred with all the cute style possibilities.

I could go with a cat-eye like the Rampage R178...

Rampage R178

...or maybe go full New Girl/Buddy Holly with a thick retro pair like the Go Green GG50.

 Go Green GG50

So what pair did I choose? (Drumroll please!...)


Sunglasses?! Yes, I guess when it came down to it, this tiger couldn't change her stripes. I went back and forth a dozen times over it and at the end of the day I just felt it more authentic (if less accessorized and infinitely less interesting) to remain glasses free. I think I'm going to wait until I actually need glasses (come on 60!) so I can have the real thing. (And, yes, that is Zach in the reflection, begrudgingly taking my picture at 7am. #amateurs)

I love these frames, aptly called Gatsby, for their vintage-inspired shape, unexpected gold detailing, and go-with-everything tortoise pattern.


Is this a strange/awkward picture of me and the definition of a bad photo? You bet your bottom dollar it is! But sometimes, like for example when it is 8 degrees outside and your photographer is "getting frostbite," you take what you can get.

 And speaking of what you can get, I was so excited when I got my frames in the mail. I'm a girl who does her sunglasses shopping pretty much exclusively at Target, so opening up these Gatsby frames (which came with a hard shell case) really felt much more special. The frames themselves also look and feel more substantial and overall more durable, even though the price is relatively the same as a pair at Target.


My favorite go-to sunglasses are usually the classic aviator shape, but I find the little metal extras to be frustrating, always getting tangled up in my hair. These Gatsby frames are really the perfect solution because they've got that classic shape I love and still have the metal details, but in a sleeker (read: without nose pads) design that lets me push them on top of my head when needed and yet remain tangle free.

But why I am a telling you all of this when you can find out for yourself?! That's right, thanks to the friendly folks at DiscountGlasses.com, one lucky winner will receive a $100 product credit that you can use as your heart desires. Want the exact pair I'm showing here? Or maybe you need to update your prescription frames? Perhaps you want to live out my childhood dreams and try some faux glasses? It's up to you!



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Giveaway will run for one week from today, 2/13, through Friday, 2/20, at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be announced on the Instagram post as pictured above on Saturday, 2/21. All applicants must be US residents and over the age of 18.


Happy shopping! :)