The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Animal Lover

Christmas is just around the corner, but have you thought about your pet yet? Today's gift guide is all about furry friends and/or the people that love them most. These gift ideas aren't necessarily "his" or "hers," but rather just a way to kind of present cat-focused and dog-focused ideas. Obviously we've got a lot of cat-loving guys and dog-crazy girls out there, so take the categories very loosely.

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For the quirky cat-lover, a cute granny-esque sweatshirt and a pair of purr-fectly on-trend sheer socks let her show her love, as does the friendship collar set, which comes with a matching bracelet for the pet owner. For the home, a salt and pepper duo, stacking measuring cups, and silhouette pillows add a sweet touch. Your feline friend will love the dj scatchpost turntable, the most adorable catnip cactus and jar, and a cozy, extra-chunky knit bed, while a bamboo brush and bright cardigan sweater will keep them looking sharp.

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Celebrate man's (or woman's) best friend at home with a set of dog-a-day plates, a charming canine cheese board, or a personalized royal pet portrait, which might just be the cutest thing ever. A pair of dog face cufflinks and animal lover tee let him wear his heart on his sleeve, literally. Kiehl's grooming products, a bright jacquard sweater, and graphic geo collar will keep your pup looking fresh, while a bed from Lion + Wolf will keep him comfy and cozy. Nothing says happy dog like being well-fed, and this puzzle toy from Up Dog does double duty by releasing treats when solved. Speaking of treats, these cheese biscuits from Harry Barker, perhaps served up in a new ceramic bowl set, are sure to please.

Now the real question: are you a cat person or a dog person? And do you buy your pet a gift? Leave me a comment and tell me your verdict.


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