5 Male-Approved Couples Costumes for Halloween

Hi, friends! Remember that girl that used to post all the time? Well, sorry for my little hiatus as of late. I'll have a little catch up post soon to fill you in on what I've been up to, but in the meantime let's talk Halloween! I know most of you probably have your costumes ready to go, but in case you and your boo (pun intended) are still at a loss for what to wear, I've got you covered! In theory, I love a good couples costume, but they can be tricky to pull off. For male-female couples it can be hard to find a balance between something you love and something he's also excited about. So when I was writing this post, I thought why not just go straight to the source and ask my better half, Zach? And that's exactly what I did! So, here are his favorite classic couples costumes. And the best part? With a little creativity and a few borrowed accessories, a lot of these looks can be pulled straight from your closet! Perfect for any last-minute plans!


1. Romeo & Juliet (90s Baz Luhrmann-Style)

This is at the top of Zach's list every year. I think he loves the modern, more casual, interpretation of such classically romantic characters and costumes. I mean what guy doesn't want to be a knight at least once in his lifetime? And what girl doesn't want her date to be Leonardo DiCaprio- am I right?



romeo:  mask  |  armor  |  top  |  pants  |  sword

juliet:  dress  |  wings  |  sandals  |  necklace


2. Johnny & June

Not only do they have a historically epic romance, but I think the chance to be the original country music rebel (and wear all black) is appealing to a lot of men.

*(I know these are not the real Johnny and June, but I'm using pictures from Walk the Line mainly because of the photo quality. Plus those costumes are on point.)



Johnny:  boots  |  shirt  |  belt  |  tie  |  vest  |  guitar  |  pants

june:  necklace  |  earrings  |  dress  |  bag  |  bumpits  |  microphone  |  shoes


3. Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde is always a classic couples costume, but with all the 60s-70s madness going on in fashion, the 1967 Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty version has never seemed more relevant. You'll get to wear this season's hottest accessory, the neck scarf, and your guy will love going as the historical gun-toting bandit.

5-Male-Approved-Couples-Costumes-2-Bonnie-and-Clyde 5-Male-Approved-Couples-Costumes-3-Bonnie-and-Clyde-Shop

clyde:  tie  |  jacket  |  shirt  |  pants  |  suspenders  |  gun  |  hat  |  shoes

bonnie:  beret  |  scarf  |  bag  |  sweater  |  skirt  |  heels  |  gun


4. Kurt & Courtney

The king and queen of grunge will officially never be out of style, and I don't know about you, but I will personally never stop having a star crush on Kurt Cobain. Plus, with the 90s fashion overload from the past few years, you've definitely got some of these pieces already in your closet.



kurt:  sunglasses  |  shoes  |  jeans  |  shirt  |  tee  |  cardigan

courtney:  dress  |  coat  |  shoes  |  lipstick  |  tiara  |  bag  |  tights


5. JFK and Jackie (or Marilyn)

According to Zach, JFK is "like the most stylish guy ever." Who knew, right? And according to Mad Men, every woman is either a Jackie or a Marilyn. So I say pick your alter ego, brush your guy's hair back (or grab a wig), and whichever girl is your go-to, you can step out as some of the most classically fashionable people in American history.



jfk:  shirt  |  tie  |  pin  |  shoes  |  jacket  |  pants

jackie:  hat  |  necklace  |  earrings  |  shoes  |  suit  |  sunglasses  |  gloves  |  bag

marilyn:  earrings  |  gloves  |  bracelet 1  |  bracelet 2  |  necklace  |  bag  |  shoes  |  fur  |  dress


So Zach was obviously thinking in terms of me and him here, but what if you're in a same sex couple or going out with friends? Well, if you still need a few more ideas, I loved this A League of Their Own duo, thought Ace and Gary was a pretty hilarious idea, and why not just go ahead and be the whole Bad Blood squad?


Are you dressing up this weekend? Fill me in on all the details in the comments!