5 Style Ideas to Steal from "Scream Queens"


Are you all on the Scream Queens bandwagon yet? I definitely am, but to be honest I was before the show even started. As soon as I saw the candy-colored Chanels looking like a Millenial Clueless in the preview I knew that I would follow this creative direction wherever it led. I have been really pleased in the first several episodes that the show is actually hilariously clever. But, like a Wes Anderson film or a Marc Jacobs show, I also don't have to care where it's going. The visuals are just that good.

I love that Scream Queens costume designer Lou Eyrich is not simply replicating current trends, but rather something much more interesting: she's giving us an entirely new way to look at dressing. Much of the pieces are classic, yes, but the femme-glam volume is turned up to completely new, totally over-the-top, levels.

Scream Queens is a visual wonderland and this costume girl's dream tv show.If I were a teenage girl, I would be wearing a lot of this head-to-toe. Pink fur, knee socks, the works (my family can attest to this). But what about now? How can a grown woman incorporate some of this fun opulence into her wardrobe? And should she? I can't answer for all of you, but I say yes... subtly. I've been thinking about this style a lot lately and have come up with some of my favorite ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe when you, like Britney, are well past your not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman years.

Here are some of my favorite trends...


1. Pop Pastels

Oh my goodness, those colors! Almost every scene in Scream Queens is like an acid-soaked bubble gum factory. Head-to-toe candy-coated pinks, yellows, and blues scream classic prep in an ultra-femme way that is both timeless and incredibly current.


Bright pastels are a great way to give your fall/winter wardrobe an energetic boost. If you're looking for a somewhat quieter approach to this look, try incorporating just pops of color in separate pieces, fun accessories, or as a fun twist on your standard beauty routine.

Get the look:

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2. Fuzzy Wuzzy

The Chanels make a strong statement for wearing faux fur and feathers on just about everything. It's old Hollywood style in the softest, coziest format possible. The Chanels take this luxe texture up a notch by incorporating their signature pastel colors.


A bright faux fur jacket or feather trimmed skirt can be a great unexpected take for a Saturday night out, while just touches of fur or feathers add a bit of fun to classic accessories.

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3. Hair Jewelry

The most inspirational look for me from the series so far has been all the gorgeous sparkling hair accessories. From bling to pearls to brooches, vintage-inspired jewels are incorporated into the Chanels hairstyles in almost every scene. Moral of the story: this fall, if it sparkles, put it in your hair.


My favorite (easy DIY) way to recreate this look is by twisting or braiding two front pieces of hair and pinning together in back. Then you can simply frame the pieces with your favorite sparkly necklace using bobby pins- just make sure to hide the clasps/chains under the hair. You can also pick up some (legit) hair chains or get a similar look with some sparkling headbands,  barrettes, and bobby pins.

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4. Ladylike Accessories

I love Eyrich's use of classic 50s-era silhouettes, especially in the Chanels' accessories. Structured handbags, ankle-strap heels, and dainty belts are seen in spades as well as the resurgence of the glove as a must-have accessory.


These classic accessories can work for anyone in practically any venue. If you want to go a little more kitsch with bows or very girly colors, you can balance them with tougher, menswear-inspired pieces to keep the look grown-up.

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5. Classic Chanel

You can't have a group of girls called the Chanels without a constant stream of iconic Chanel style (and a Karl/Choupette name drop or two). The girls are practically walking advertisements for the fashion house, taking style cues from all eras.


Classic channel elements- tweed suit seperates, collarless jackets, simple shift dresses, quilted leather, long draping pearls- work for anyone at any age. If wearing these looks in pastel colors feels too juvenile, you can always opt for the classics: black, white, beige, and grey.

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What's your vote:

Does the Scream Queens style work for real life? Would you rock it?