A Few of My Favorite Blogs...

You guys, I read A LOT of blogs! There are just so many brilliant, creative people out there making great content. It amazes me every single day. So when Columbus blogger, Lauren, of A Few of my Favorite Things (This post title is an homage. Get it?) reached out to me about taking part in a linkup with the chosen theme, "My 3 Favorite Blogs," I was like "Sign me up!" Easy, I thought, except for the fact that I have about 300 favorite blogs.

Of course, all of the major blogs crossed my mind. You know, the ones that have hundreds of thousands of readers, book deals, and product lines. A Beautiful Mess, Cupcakes & Cashmere, The Jungalow, Garance Dore, Man Repeller, etc., etc., etc. Of course those blogs are amazing and among my favorites, but I'm going to go ahead and guess that if you've stumbled upon my tiny corner of the internet, that you've already bookmarked all of those.

And then of course there is the ever-growing (and ever-talented) group of local Columbus bloggers. You'll see a great list of them at the end of this post. But how could I choose just three? I couldn't.

So in short, I've compiled a group of three blogs that you may or may not already be following. All are based in different states (though two started here in Columbus). All are doing work that I think is right on par with the heavy hitters I named above. And all are blogs that I read every single time I see them in my inbox and I have for years. They just never get old. So please enjoy, and I hope you find some new favorites in this mix!


I Heart Vegetables

I am by no means a chef, and I never intend to be one. But I do care about health and wellness, and that's why I love I Heart Vegetables so much. Liz, a Columbus-area native who now blogs from Richmond, VA, shares recipes that are healthy without being overly complicated or intimidating. All her meals are vegetarian and many address other dietary restrictions (gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.). Check out a few of my personal favorites here, here, and here. (Columbus-area Northstar fiends, there's even a recipe for their Veggie Burger!)

Liz also just happens to be a really lovely person who shares a lot about her social life (hello cutest party theme ever) and general health/happiness tips for the modern, busy gal.


Lily Schlosser

Another former Columbus blogger, Lily Schlosser, got her start locally with the blog Lucky Star. In the past year she has rebranded and moved to Denver, Colorado, but her signature minimalist style has remained. While I'm far from a minimalist myself, I love reading about Lily's simple-yet-super-chic wardrobe. She favors shopping high-quality, smaller brands and always manages to look both luxe and extremely comfortable.

Lily also recently started her own jewelry line, Eli & Barry (see that gorgeous ad in the sidebar?), which is an extension of her streamlined style. Shop my top wishlist pieces here, here (I want 15 of these), and here. I'm also a big fan of her Instagram account, which is gorgeously serene.


Hi Sugarplum!

Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! has a really big following and is the only blogger on this list that I haven't met in real life. However, her funny, relatable writing style makes me feel like we're BFFs anyway. This design and DIY-focused blog is loaded with great room decor inspiration (check out her gorgeous living room) and project ideas (how great is this?). She also posts recipes, family parties, and outift ideas that are always super creative but still very wearable for everyday life.

I'm crazy about her very liberal use of color and prints in both her home and personal style (more is more, you know?). And if you could use a little push when it comes to color/print-mixing, her Instagram account is a constant source of bright and interesting inspiration.


So those are a few of my must-read blogs. Do you follow any of them already? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments section!


And remember the awesome Columbus bloggers I talked about before? Make sure to check them out and read about their favorites, too!



What are some of your favorite blogs?