A Weekend of Fashion Shows + My Weekly Goals


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I had a very eventful weekend. It was full of fashion shows, so obviously it was great.

First up was the Macy's Fashion Show hosted by Emme, who, since the 90s, has been the world's leading plus-size model as well as a tv host, fashion designer, magazine writer, and just all-around inspirational mogul. She is a serious trail-blazer when it comes to beauty, fashion, strength, and overall self-confidence.

(Please excuse the abundance of bad photo pics in this post.)

Before the show she spent about 30 minutes talking to myself and some other local bloggers backstage. It was a real pinch-me moment because I have very distinct memories of her from childhood. I was probably in the 4th grade when I first saw her on tv and she just completely blew me away. It was the mid-90s, when "heroin chic" had just taken over the fashion world. My mom was watching Oprah and Emme was on being her amazing self. I hadn't heard the term "plus-size" before then, but I knew it was important to see such a healthy-looking and sharp (she's a former tv reporter) symbol of beauty at a time where that didn't seem to exist elsewhere in mainstream media.


So, needless to say, I was pretty much just in awe. Luckily she had what I can only call an Oprah-esque presence, giving hugs all around, and making the experience super comfortable. I loved hearing her words of wisdom on self-image, social media campaigns (she loves #imnoangel and #letmebe), and the future of plus-size fashion. She acknoweledged that it's an exciting time for the industry, saying "There's a shake up of beauty- of what we honor as beautiful- and it's time." She encourages a celebration of diversity in women and, on a retail front, hopes that size division among clothing departments will become a thing of the past.

I could go on for days about how amazing she is and all the great things she does for women in general, but I should probably show you some clothing...

I'm a sucker for a printed blazer and I love the belt-in-the-back as an unexpected styling hack for spring/summer. This skirt on the right was amazing! It's pleated, perforated leather and I probably need it.


FullSizeRender (1)

One of the models (in the green jacket) was another Ohio blogger, Liz from WomanlyWoman.com! I got to talk to her a little after the show and she was so sweet. Meanwhile, Emme was just hanging out with everybody and helping them shop! It was pretty awesome. (Want to meet her, too? Check out her site here for upcoming events in your area.)

After that I came home and did a super speed quick change to head back out to the Opening Night Fashion Show for Alternative Fashion Week. I've worked with the Alternative Fashion Mob for a couple of years now, but this event was extra exciting because my fiance's little sis was walking in it and it was her first ever fashion show!

The official photos aren't out yet, but here's a pic of her before the show. Isn't she adorable?

FullSizeRender (4)

She's only 15 and I was so impressed by her grace and confidence. I'd tell you that Zach maintained his dry-eyed composure when his sister walked the runway, but that would be a big fat lie. I had apparently reached my blogger quota for the day because I got exactly zero pictures of his visiting family (whoops!), but it was a blast to spend the evening with them.

I'm sure you've probably had enough of my blabbing by now, so let's get onto the goals! First a recap of last week's hits and misses...



+ attend the Macy’s & Emme fashion show

+ attend the AFW Opening Night fashion show

+ tour 1-2 more wedding venues- Real talk, I completely forgot this one. And now you know the root of all my wedding planning problems...

+ get the logo and site design completed for my dad’s website- Stick a fork in this one, it is done!

+ book/schedule blogger meetup- Still not done, but getting closer to finding a date that can work for everyone!

+ file my taxes (I know! I know!) Done with a full 2 hours to spare. That's record-breaking for me. Ashley for President 2k20!



This week I have one goal and one goal only: rebranding. I have 40,000 ideas in my head at all time and this is the week for editing and getting it done. I can't wait to share! :)


What are your goals this week?