August Goals: Just Do It

So I took a little break from setting any public blogging/business goals last month. I mean, hey, it's summer and almost every weekend in July was spent visiting family out of town or having family visiting us here, so it was a great time to go with the flow and recharge a little. But now August is in full swing and I'm back in business! I have been laying the foundation for a couple side projects and August is all about putting in major work to get these projects in position to hit the ground running this fall. I also have a whole slew of things that I never officially got done when I rebranded. I blame trying to rebrand while moving, but either way, I am ready to cross off all those to-do's!

My theme for this month is "Just Do It." Isn't that a clever slogan? I thought of it myself. Just kidding, obviously, but I do love a good throwback to all my super-fly junior high Nike tees and matching swoosh ankle socks. But slammin' tween fashion aside, the idea this month is to be acting more than thinking, making more then planning, and basically just being a no-excuse-making, no-time-wasting, productivity machine. Easy, right?


What are your goals this month? Shout 'em, scout 'em, tell all about 'em in the comments!