Beauty Test Drive... Clinique Black Honey (and my first giveaway!!!)

Clinque's Black Honey Almost Lipstick brings back distinct memories of my pre-teen life, with its perfectly-90s raisin tint that anyone who was anyone in the 5th grade was sporting. I treasured mine as much as my sunflower baby doll dresses, my work boots, and my No Doubt "Tragic Kingdom" cd (am I painting a supercool tween image for you, here?). Maybe it's because the shade to me is so symbolic of my most awkward days. Or maybe it's because the brown-lipped wave had ridden it's course, paving the way for the smoky-eyed, nude-lipped millennium. But whatever the reason, I had long forgotten Black Honey's cult-classic appeal. That is until recently, when I started seeing rave reviews popping up all over my favorite blogs and magazines. "It's back!" they exclaimed, as Black Honey reclaimed its title as the "it" shade. And better yet, they told me, "the sheer berry color tint looks perfect on every skin tone." It's the "most versatile" of all lip colors, working for "teens and moms alike."

Well, those are some strong declarations, and I wasn't easily sold. I mean, perfect for everyone? I couldn't be so sure. So, to put this versatility theory to the test, I got my friend, Heather, Columbus' own Clinique counter manager at Macy's in Polaris Fashion Place, to help me find out if my old 90s bestie is really all it's cracked up to be. With the help of Alexa, of Alexa Marie Photography, and our lovely models, here's what we came up with...


Ok, so I know this doesn't depict EVERY SINGLE skin tone in the world, but looking at these photos, I would definitely say I'm now a believer. I love how the color can look like a warm neutral on some and a deep berry on others. It's like a chameleon, changing to match the wearer. But don't take my word for it, try it out yourself! That's right- StyleOnHigh is hosting its first giveaway! Follow the instructions below to enter and win your own full-size Black Honey Almost Lipstick!


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And just in case that wasn't enough awesomeness for you, visit any Clinique counter now through Friday, February 14th for a free 2-week supply of Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus! No purchase necessary. And, wait, they're not done! After using your 2-week twice-a-day supply, you can bring the empty bottle back and get another 2-week supply, free! Just imagine what your skin could look like after an entire month of a powerful serum, proven to reduce 63% of visible wrinkles! Or better yet, don't imagine it, just go get it- it's free!

*Columbus locals call the Macy's counter at Polaris- 614.880.6452- and ask for Heather (top row center)- she'll hook you up! :)

Thanks to all the lovely Clinique and Macy's gals, Alexa, and my always helpful sister, Brooke, for helping me get this together! Good luck on the giveaway- I hope you'll see lots more to come! :)