Best of the Blogs: July Edition

So today is technically August and, seriously, where did July go? I'm not really one for the summer months as you've heard me whine about on too many occasions, but this summer, with it's spring-like temperatures has been absolute heaven for me. I'm sure those of you trying to swim/tan on the daily would disagree, but if every summer were like this one I would start singing a different tune. Alert Ripley's Believe It or Not because I'm honestly starting to get a little sad that it's almost over. But I digress, point is July flew by so fast that I've yet to do the monthly street style roundup, so here it is! The best of the best this past month...


1. Tee Shirt and Statement Skirt

There is no combination I love more than a bold printed skirt with a basic comfy tee. It's dressy but really just as comfortable (maybe more) than the jeans and tee standard. These lovely ladies are doing it right!


I don't know how I can go on if I can't find a duplicate of that jacket. It's perfect. So is the rest of this look. (The Sartorialist)


That bag! Those mules! What a great mix of colors all around. (The Styleseer)



2. Ripped Denim

Ripped denim was so in your face a few years ago, that I had kind of rejected it as of late. But these bloggers are making it look so fresh again that I'm officially renewing my faith in the holey.


Such a fresh color combination! Plus, the rips and t-shirt sleeves add the perfect balance to the more precious aspects of this ensemble. (Kacie's Kloset)


I could go on and on about how this is basically a perfect look, but instead I'll channel my inner Brit and just say "well done."  And that one perfectly placed slash is totally DIY-able. (Kendi Everyday)


And let's not forget the jorts! She manages to avoid what could be skin overload with the longer trench and flat sneakers. (Little Blonde Book)



3. The Casual Ballgown

I have been so pleasantly surprised by the abundance of street style looks centered around a ball gown skirt. Adding a casual top makes the look work for everyday, or at least occasions when you won't be waltzing with a prince.


Tee shirt sleeves and a menswear watch ground a floaty, silky maxi. And btw, this one is from ASOS! (Happily Grey)


Child-like on top, grown-up on the bottom. This is the absolute perfect mix of playful and chic. (Who What Wear)


And, finally, a bleached out jean jacket and a taffeta ball skirt? It sounds so wrong but it's so, so right! (Who What Wear)


Which of these looks is your favorite? And more importantly, would you ever rock a ball gown skirt?