Big Screen Style... American Hustle and Hunger Games: Catching Fire

If there's one thing J. Law knows how to do, it's land a role in a major costume movie. Well, that and act really, really well. I was amazed at how flawlessly she managed to play both a mother, whom I would guess was about 30(?), in American Hustle, while simultaneously playing the very teen-aged Katniss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, without one person batting an eye. But I've waxed on about Ms. Lawrence long enough, because, believe it or not, this post has little to nothing to do with her, but rather the awe-inspiring costumes in both of these films. Read on for some big screen-inspired ways to add a little drama into your wardrobe...

(Caution: I am in no way suggesting that anyone wear these looks head-to-toe or you will look like a costumed extra. The idea here is just to get inspired :) )

First is the sultry and sleek 70s wardrobe of Amy Adams' "Sydney" from American Hustle...


coat | hat | necklace | dress | bracelet | bangle | palette | bag | shoes

 The musts here are pretty clear: jewel tones, plunging and figure-hugging silhouettes, and as much fur and jewelry as possible.

And for Catching Fire, the Capitol fashion scenes always steal the show (Effie Trinket, I'm talking to you). But I loved seeing J. Law/"Katniss" in the opening sequence in her tough-yet-sleek District 12 ensemble.


jacket | top | earrings | ring | snood | jumpsuit | brooch | phone case | bag | watch | boots

I love the neutral palette and utilitarian vibe in her casual wardrobe. I can see a lot of these pieces working well with so many daytime looks.

And in case you didn't know yet, the 2014 Oscar nominations for Best Costume Design are in:

American Hustle (Michael Wilkinson) The Grandmaster (William Chang Suk Ping) The Great Gatsby (Catherine Martin) The Invisible Woman (Michael O'Connor) 12 Years a Slave (Patricia Norris)

While I'm not surprised that the Academy didn't give a nod to Catching Fire, I do think it would have been fairly deserved. In my heart-of-a-tween opinion, the costumes in both Hunger Games movies are captivating. But regardless, my money is on The Great Gatsby. I mean, they could have been speaking Mandarin for all I care- that movie WAS costumes. And, fun fact: If The Great Gatsby does win, it will be the second Best Costume Oscar for the film (Theoni V. Aldredge won for costuming the Redford/Farrow version in 1974). 

Who do you think should win?