The ROUNDUP // 8.20.17

A few of my favorite finds in fashion, art, interiors, and more from around the web.

1  I'm so inspired by Rejina Pyo's Fall 2017 collection. I think it is both incredibly current and also timeless, and that's a hard balance to strike. (Honestly WTF)  |  2  The piercing gazes and layered prints in Kelly Beeman's fashion illustrations are really captivating to me. (Kelly Beeman)


3  This home tour of an Austin "Vintage Treasure Hunter" is full of charming finds and clever decor ideas. (Apartment Therapy)  |  4  My current favorite TED Talk: Françoise Mouly, The New Yorker's art director, tells the stories behind the magazine's iconic covers. (TED)


5  I loved this studio tour with Heidi Lee, an innovative milliner inspired by surrealism. (Nylon)


And a few more...

These tiny dioramas blew my mind.

Color Factory looks so cool!

Are you going boot crazy yet? These pink velvet beauties and these trompe l'oiel sock boots are topping my list.

I love the heirloom quality of this Stella & Dot necklace.

The most high-fashion temporary tattoos to ever exist.

I loved this article about leaning into what you already are.

This is my life: 14 examples of extroverted introverts.

And my favorite thing I've read lately, Austin Kleon on a major lesson in learning from his 4-year-old son.

And in case you missed it around here, I shared a retro-inspired Last Days of Summer playlist.

It's also the last day to enter my Maskcara giveaway, so if you haven't done so already, head on over to Instagram and tag a beautiful friend!


What links did you love this week? Feel free to drop a link to a favorite post or your own content in the comments.

The ROUNDUP // 6.12.17

I'm pretty sure the universe cracked up at my last post, the one in which I talk about having more time and getting reinvigorated with the blog. Basically that day I got a call to work in wardrobe on a film starting immediately and dove head first into what were sometimes 80-hour work weeks. I'll tell you more about the film, the Old Man and the Gun, as I'm able to, but for now, I'll just tell you it was such a great experience. I got to work with the biggest cast of A-list actors, for me, to date, including Casey Affleck, Robert Redford, Tom Waits, Danny Glover, Sissy Spacek, Elisabeth Moss, and Tika Sumpter, to name a few. Basically, I've decided to quit apologizing and/or making promises in regard to blogging. It's just not in my career cards these days to have a set blog schedule. That said, I still really love this space and have SO many ideas I would love to make happen. I will continue to do what I can when I can. If you're still in, I will be here! For now, it's been quite a while since I did a links roundup, so here are some of my favorite finds on the internet lately in art, style, diy, and more. Enjoy!

1  I'm pretty sure artist Ashley Longshore can see inside my soul. This studio tour of her space and works gives me so much inspiration and just sheer joy. (The Cut)  |  2  I tend to love everything with faces and hands on it, so I was extra happy to stumble upon the Etsy shop, My Little Belleville. Art and fashion items, like this Hands of Humanity blouse, have a charming doodled quality and come in an impressive range of sizes. (My Little Belleville)


3  I've been working on cultivating a green thumb. I was starting from a real deficit, so I haven't made it past succulent level yet, but luckily that's all you need for this gorgeous crystal and cactus terrarium. The personalization options would make this a great group craft night project, don't you think? (A Beautiful Mess)  |  4  I aspire to have the creative commitment to artfully record trips and life events in a tactile scrapbook format, like this London travel journal done as part of the Minted 50 project. Have you tried the Minted 50 challenge? I'm very intrigued... (SF Girl by Bay)


5  The sunset. The fires. The hats. The beading. I thought the Dior Resort 2018 collection was gorgeous. (Fashion Feed)


If your clicking finger is still itching...

Yep. The older I get, the more I am fully #teammiranda.

Brides take note: these gilded headpieces are stunning...

...and have you considered the style importance of using vintage stamps?

I LOVED all the style and personality in this little girl's bedroom makeover.

I could watch this Halpern AW17 x Stephen Galloway video on a loop. It's sequin heaven!

My summer needs these rose gold mirrored sunglasses.

I can see these sharp silver lace-up platform wedges working with so many outfits.

And I never thought I'd say this, but I really love these cicada earrings.

I just upgraded my desktop with these pretty downloads (I went with #1).

I just followed this IG account full of the most incredible floral cakes.

And, lastly, this street style look is everything.


What links are you loving this week?

VIBES // Back in the Game

Do you remember me? There are things I've been doing well lately, but blogging definitely hasn't been one of them. I'm always trying to find better balance in juggling my multiple "hats," but lately I got to a point of overwhelm and burn out. Mainly because I've been putting all of my creative eggs into one basket, which is my clothing line, HOWL Brand. I've been making some updates there and getting ready for this year's fashion events. It's been a lot of REALLY DEEP mental work regarding branding, vision, and planning that just left me depleted. I spent this past weekend way more relaxed than I usually let myself be, and all of the sudden the brain fog cleared and I saw the solution to so many problems and decisions I've been trying to make. I may need to evolve this corner of the internet to move with me as that continues to take up more and more time, but I'm trying to let that evolve naturally. In the meantime, I've pulled together some evocative images that really speak to my brain's current state. A focused blend of exhaustion and epiphanies that, for the time being, is yielding results. Updates on everything HOWL to follow this week, so please stay tuned!

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7

Do you have any passion projects or side hustles you're currently working on? Leave me a comment below or a link so I can cheer you on!

The ROUNDUP // 3.13.17

You guys, I can't believe I'm saying this again, but I have been so sick for the better part of last week. AGAIN! It's starting to feel like I've been sick almost all winter, and it's been making it hard to keep things balanced and stay on track with my goals. It's an inner struggle of self-care vs. progress that I've been thinking about and reading about a lot lately. How do you stay moving forward when things like physical or mental health issues are constantly interfering with your well-laid plans? A post on that will be coming soon, but in the meantime, if you'd like to share your input feel free to comment or message me. I don't usually post these roundups on a Monday, but as it has been going lately, I'm pretty much on a rotation of cough drops, Theraflu, and schedule adjustments, so I'm trying to roll with it. I hope you can, too.

Now, onto the fun part! Here are some things I've been bookmarking, pinning, and just generally enjoying lately.

1  I always get excited to see Cassie's style and creativity, but this post on her own home update blew. my. mind. It's absolute color- and print-mixing mastery and is just so inspiring. (Hi Sugarplum!)  |  2  Did you know you could marble concrete?! And according to this DIY planters post, it's actually a very easy medium to work with. So cool. (Row House Nest)


3  Sometimes it's the very little things that can change your life, like realizing you might not be using bobby pins correctly. (Camille Styles)  |  4  I love these custom code word rings from Lulu Frost, which you allow you to mix and match letter stones for a personalized message. I'm adding the word CREATE to my wishlist because the color combo is gorgeous. (Lulu Frost)


5  There are so many funny things to appreciate in this video: the daughter's confident dance intro, the frantic dive-bombing mother, the father desperately trying to escape into his eyelids. I'm pretty sure any parent/caregiver can relate. (BBC News)

In the mood for more?

How pretty is this DesignLoveFest luggage for Target?

This Etsy shop has the most gorgeous and budget-friendly beaded earrings.

Some clever ideas for making your thrift finds work for you.

Adding some of these books to my must-read list.

Important advice: how to write a cold email that doesn't suck.

I don't think I've ever said this before, but that is one chic trash can.

I'm obsessed with this chainmail sconce but way less crazy about the price tag. Maybe a DIY is in order?

What links are you loving this week?



VIBES // Going for Baroque

No one has ever accused me of being a minimalist, but lately, I'm finding myself drawn towards this very simple color palette of black and white with pops of gold and natural materials. Add in some opulent, scrolling Baroque focal points, like a large gilded mirror or an artful lighting fixture, and I'm completely smitten. An over-the-top Baroque piece in an otherwise minimalist space is the stuff très chic dreams are made of.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7

Are you feeling these Baroque vibes?

The ROUNDUP // 2.24.17

Happy weekend, pals! Holy cannoli, I have been sick as a dog for an entire week. I've basically been in hibernation from the real world. I would love to tell you the blog schedule didn't take a hit because I was prepared in advance, but that is just not the story of my life these days. I have, however, been making some solid progress on my brand, Howl, which I'm excited to share with you soon. I also have some posts coming up that I'm pretty pumped for, including a home and style post based on La La Land and a fun art giveaway. So stay tuned! This girl is starting to feel better and things are looking up! And in the meantime, here are a few click-worthy posts from the more productive as of late.

1  I always get excited to see local people featured in non-local publications. This home tour of Columbus-based couple Brandon and Stephanie, of Stuff Steph Does, is chock full of uber-stylish furniture finds and attainable ways to make the most of your space, like their tiny bathroom-turned-show-stopper. (Design Sponge)  |  2  Can you ever have too many scarf-tying tutorials? I say no. This guide features some newer styles in simple photo format and is a must for anyone wondering how to master the bandana trend. (Style Bee)

3  With her designer-clad girls and their exaggerated features, Bijou Karman's illustrations tap into the awkward-cool side of fashion that is very of the moment. Her recent collab with Rhianna for Stance Socks solidifies her status as one to follow. (Bijou Karman)  |  4  How have I not discovered ombre candles until now? They make the perfect toppers to this gorgeous but simple spring party tablescape. This post also features a giveaway with Cheeky Home that ends this Saturday, so click on over! (A Kailo Chic Life)


5  This dream-like short film by Petra Collins for Gucci Eyewear is giving me hella inspiration. There's so much to look at, it's basically a feast for the eyeballs.

In other good news...

 I'm crazy about this look.

Feminist food for thought: what happens when a woman wears the same top twice.

These DIY banana earrings make me really happy.

As do these appliqued mules.

Is anyone else already obsessed with Big Little Lies?!

I really want a coffee station.

I've been working a lot on branding. I found this list for defining your brand helpful and also have my eye on this workshop (which is currently only $10, for a limited time).

What links are you loving this week?

Fellow bloggers: please feel free to share links to recent posts you're proud of in the comments!

VIBES // NYFW: It's in the Details

I'm so glad I live in a world with, where it doesn't matter that I'm at home in middle America, I can still keep up on all the fashion week updates. My favorite part of all the coverage is always the behind-the-scenes detail shots. They give the perfect peek into the atmosphere at each show and an instant sense of the statement the designer is making. These are a few of my favorite shots capturing the magic of it all. Check out more great backstage images on and get all the coverage, including the top collections and the best fashion and beauty street style looks of NYFW.


1  at Anna Sui, photo by Corey Tenold  |  2  at Marc Jacobs, photo by Sonny Vandevelde  |  3  at Thom Browne, photo by Monica Feudi  |  4  at Carolina Herrera, photo by Kevin Tachman  |  5  at Tory Burch, photo by Corey Tenold  |  6  at Coach 1941, photo by Edward James  |  7  at Prabal Gurung, photo by Kevin Tachman  |  8  at Oscar de la Renta, photo by Sonny Vandevelde |  9  at Jason Wu, photo by Kevin Tachman  |  10  at Brock Collection, photo by Kevin Tachman

What collections are you loving this season?

The LISTS // A Love-Inspired Wishlist + Vol. 2 of the Dude-Approved Valentine's Day Playlist

Happy Monday, friends! With Valentine's Day tomorrow, I hope you are feeling the love in the air.

For this edition of the LISTS, I'm loving the soft, romantic color palette in this wishlist, which was inspired by a pink sunset. It's ultra feminine while the darker tones add a bohemian feel. I always think when you're going for romance that vintage-inspired styles are the way to go. They instantly invoke a sense of a classic love story without the cheese factor that often comes with the holiday.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

Speaking of the cheese factor, it can be hard to find the balance between romance and cool when it comes to love songs. Men especially, I think, can have a hard time embracing the genre without feeling like the songs are silly. Last year I asked Zach to come up with a list of songs that walked the line between the very romantic and the very cool. It got a great response, so I asked him to add to it again this year. Here are some of his recent additions that I think would make the perfect backdrop to any Valentine's Day party or a romantic dinner at home.

I say "Dude-Approved," but really, these are the kind of love songs I prefer, too. It's basically just for anyone who needs a little grit with their romance for it to feel authentic. You can check out the full list, including last year's songs, on Spotify.

What's your favorite love song?


The ROUNDUP // 2.10.17

Happy Friday, pals! Ever since the New Year's I've been focusing a lot on simplifying my life. Part of that has been focusing what I do in this space. One of the things I've realized if that, as much as I might love the "fluff" pieces, like this series, I needed to shift the focus a little bit so I can have more energy for my design work. So, unlike in the past, I will be posting these links roundups every other week instead of weekly and will be alternating them on Fridays with my Friday Vibes series. So the names and schedules are changing slightly, but it's basically all the same. It's just a way to simplify my content while still keeping two of my favorite series.

So, now that you're clued into the over workings of a blogger's brain, let's focus on the fact that two weeks of links provides twice as much great content to choose from and share. Now let's dig into the recent favorites!

1  I'm loving these DIY boots, a nod to Dior's bug-embellished tulle moment last fall. The process is super simple and the bug/velvet combo makes me really happy. (Honestly WTF)  |  2  I always think it's cool to see how artists work, and this tour of Katherine Zener's studio gives a great glimpse into how the designer makes her space work for her innovative menswear accessories line. (Design Sponge)


3  I was so excited to see that one of my favorite designers, Justina Blakeney, just launched a furniture collection with Selamat. The Ida Mirror and Vela Pendants are among my favorites, but if I'm being honest, I love every piece. (The Jungalow)  |   Can you believe this bouquet sculpture from artist Ann Carrington is made from spoons? Using just dull metallic utensils she's able to create pieces so realistic and detailed you'd almost think they're painted flowers. (Bored Panda)


5  I finally saw La La Land a couple of weeks back, and when I got home I immediately saw this and thought it was pretty hilarious. If you've seen La La Land, I'm dying to hear what you thought. I loved it more than words can adequately express, but I promise I won't throw a chair if you're Team Aziz. ;)

In other news...

I'm so inspired by the colors in this desert elopement shoot.

Oscar de la Renta postage stamps?!

This girl's style is giving me life.

My favorite coverage of NYFW: Man Repeller's One-Sentence Reviews.

Loving these colorful DIY tassel earrings.

Katie's bedroom is full of lovely (and attainable) style.

Bookmarking this reading list.

I've got my eye on these sculptural earrings.

And how amazing is the new blush shade on this cozy top?

What links are you loving lately?

And fellow bloggers, if you have a link to one of your own recent posts you'd like to share, feel free to do so in the comments.


Happy Weekend!

Weekly Roundup 1.11

Welcome back to the weekly roundup! It's been a while since I posted my regular roundup, and I've missed celebrating my favorite links in style, art, design, and more from around the web. Here are some of the finds I've been loving lately.

1  I'm crazy about the thoughtfully-layered items in Anna Valdez's still life paintings, especially the intricately patterned rugs. They feel so fresh and vibrant, but also homey and comfortable. (Anna Valdez)  |  2  Do you like to read the original book before seeing the big screen adaptation like I do? If so, here's a list of 10 books to read before they hit theaters in 2017. (The Everygirl)


3  These DIY rose petal bath salts seem pretty simple to make and would make seriously gorgeous gifts for your friends on Valentine's Day. (Paper & Stitch)  |  4  This Brooklyn home tour has loads of creative inspiration and organization ideas for the home that's big on artistic vision but short on space. I'm particularly fond of this rolling rack/plant hanger/book shelf combo. (Apartment Therapy)


5  Sometimes I like to share thought-provoking videos to make you question your entire life's philosophies. This is not one of those times. I hope you're all okay with that situation. (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

I always admire Elise's one second a day videos and wish I could commit to one myself.

Some of the stunners from the Golden Globes.

I, too, love Josh Radnor.

And also these whimsical mermaid notebooks.

Some home office inspiration. How great is the dotted desk?

Tips for beating sugar cravings from Liz.

I'm loving Candace's eyewear style post, especially the metallic skirt look.

What are your favorite finds this week?

** Feel free to share one of your own blog's links in the comments.**

VIBES // Happy PSAs with Jeremyville

Whether or not you take part in resolution-making, it's pretty hard to deny the power of the new year for motivating change. If you caught my Resolution Blueprint post you know that this year I'm focusing less on breaking habits and more on adding one simple positive action to add growth and happiness in areas of my life that I'd like to improve. These cute-yet-powerful illustrations by NY-based artist, Jeremyville, fall right in line with that positive momentum. Started as a daily online art project, these Public Service Announcement prints aim to "explore such concepts as self empowerment, personal growth, human virtue, love, loss, and what it means to be human, through simple imagery and words." I'm digging that. Happy 2017!

Studio Days // Reflecting on the Second Half of 2016

My second half of 2016 was busy, busy, busy. I designed two more collections for HOWL for two more fashion shows. I also moved from Columbus, to Dayton, and finally to Cincinnati, which is my new home. If you ask me, that's plenty of stress already over six months' time, but the crazy part is that originally none of that was in the game plan. But in the spirit of my word for 2016, "NOW," to prompt less thinking, more acting, I went with it. And then some. Here's a little recap of some of the highlights from the last six months.

2016 in three words: Exciting, challenging, and sleepless!

My common state of being: Tired, but focused and moving. I pulled a lot of all-nighters and created an ever-growing to-do list (I still don't even have all my boxes unpacked). I'm ending the year absolutely exhausted, but even more in focus with my 2017 goals.

Favorite accomplishments: If you remember back in June, I had the opportunity of showing a collection for Alternative Fashion Week. It was such a cool experience, and to my surprise it led to an invitation to show at Fashion Meets Music Festival and Fashion Week Columbus. All of these shows were on my brand bucket list for HOWL, but I never expected to have them all happen in a matter of months! That took a whole lot of work, but was a very happy and unexpected surprise. Here's a peek at both of those shows.

Photo creds from top left:  1 + 4, Kris Misevski  |  2 + 3, Tony Bentivegna

FMMF, the Fashion Meets Music Festival, was such a cool experience. It's basically a weekend of concerts and fashion shows in one place. Highlights for me included the fashion shows by local designers/friends, the coolest-ever finale show by Project Runway All-Stars winner Michelle Lesniak, and of course, having my family there for my first ever solo show. Plus, it was just so cool to be having a show in the same venue as some really big-name musicians, including one of my all-time favorites, BORNS. I even had my models walk to his song, Electric Love, to show my admiration. This collection was called Moonbow, and was basically just a bright, festival-ready take on the Alternative Fashion Week collection.

Photo creds from top left: 1, 2 + 5, Lauren Ashley  |  3, Stephmina Photography  |  4, Kris Misevski 

Fashion Week Columbus came as a total surprise to me this year. It's been a long-time dream of mine to have a collection at this event. I used to go to the runway show as a blogger every year and my mind would just spin with ideas of what I would want to do one day. Well, back in the beginning of 2016, when HOWL was just the tiniest, newborn brand, I auditioned and ended up being the runner-up for the final place in the show. Little did I know, due to a couple twists of fate, there ended up being an open spot and, all of the sudden, a years-long dream was becoming a reality! The rest of the designers had already been working for months and I had just a few weeks, so it was stressful to say the least, but it all came together in the end.

The show was called, Red Moon, and was a spin on the Little Red Riding Hood. I always love to mix masculine with feminine styles, so this collection really expressed that, with half of the models walking as "Little Reds," complete with fresh flower baskets from Dummen Orange, and the other half walking as the wolves in masks that my sister put in hours to help me get done, God bless her. They were full-face masks worn backwards, so it came off as a little surprise on the runway when the girls turned. It was my personal nod to the wicked side of an otherwise romantic collection. 

Not bad for the brand's first year, huh? I'm looking forward to continuing the momentum in 2017, but working to be ahead of it and in control of it, rather than frantically riding the wave. 

Lessons learned/skills strengthened: I've gotten more draping and construction experience this year than ever. I also learned that I can make pretty much anything happen in crunch-time. There were times leading up to Fashion Week Columbus where my workload was seemingly impossible and the pressure was really overwhelming, but I stayed focused and made it happen. Was everything perfect? Not even close. But I kept trying to remind myself about the value of imperfect progress, something that kind of stays on a loop in my head. I also got a little better about the on-camera interviews/public speaking that goes along with all of this. I even presented as a featured speaker at an event after FWC, and I didn't die! This has always been the hardest area for me. I've worked on my on-stage nerves for years with little-to-no progress, and I finally feel, dare I say, slightly capable in this area. Not great by any means, but capable. This is major for me. 

Little things I've loved: Spending more time with both mine and Zach's families than we've been able to in years. Finding new places to love in Cincinnati. Shopping for decor for our new place. Taking walks to our neighborhood library. Making about 100 bracelet sets as thank you gifts. Meeting so many new people and having so many thank you's to give. 

It's been a big year and I can't wait for more in 2017. Check back in tomorrow for a goal-setting checklist to get it started off strong! 


What were some major moments in your life this year? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear them!


Happy New Year, friends!

The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Party Animal

Today's gift guide is the last of the series and it's all about the season's parties, especially the big one on New Year's Eve. I've got some of the most festive party-perfect finds, either for your own celebrations, or to gift to your most fun-loving friends.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

Gear up for a special night with a pretty gold mask bottle opener, sparking cocktail party picks, metallic lace crowns, and an ultra-luxe disco ball. There's never a better time to get really decked out in pieces like this dusty pink faux fur jacket, a glam pair of embellished silver heels, and feathering beaded statement earrings. Add even more sparkle with a lilac sequin mini bag and matching iridescent phone case, both from Skinnydip, or these shimmering hair glitter sticks from Free People. And what's a party without some treats? This Rebecca Minkoff-created limited edition Chandon with some champagne and strawberries macarons from Dana's Bakery sound absolutely perfect.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

Nothing says "life of the party" like some festive duds. A green velvet blazer, balloon print tie, party cup cufflinks, and bronze oxfords, plus a spritz of Viktor and Rolf's Spicebomb, send that message loud and clear. Every party animal needs the right bar essentials, like these encouraging bottle openers, some stylish sceptor cocktail picks, and the pièce de résistance, a rolling cooler that is as sleek as it is functional. JT's own Sauza 901 tequila along with some chocolate almonds parading as martini olives get the night started on a tasty note, while a deco-style wireless speaker and copper plated dice set help up the entertainment factor.

Do you have any exciting New Year's Party plans?


If you're scrambling for some last-minute ideas for anyone on your list, make sure to check out the rest of the series:

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The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Music Buff

I'm hoping for the sake of your sanity that you're almost done with your holiday shopping. If you're not, however, the good news is that standard online ordering is still available for on-time Christmas delivery for almost all sites. And in the meantime, if you're still looking for something for the music aficionados on your list, maybe some of these fun ideas will hit the right note.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

Your vinyl-collecting friends will love this 12x12 marble frame for displaying their favorite album art, the EP-33 Bluetooth turntable in the prettiest hue, and these super-sleek headphones by PRYMA. Give the gift of iconic style with a Sgt. Pepper-esque toggle jacket, a Biggie nameplate ring, and some Ziggy-inspired lightning heeled ankle boots. If anarchy is your giftee's middle name, they'll love Oh So Pretty, a striking visual history of punk in Britain, as well as some makeup from Ardency Inn, a brand built on the downtown NYC music scene, and the most adorably aggressive punk salt and pepper shakers from Jonathan Adler. Or give them some clever lyric-inspired products, like this bobby pin dish that speaks the truest of truths, a "Funky Town" keychain, or "No Scrubs" doormat.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

Audiophiles will love a stylish vinyl storage crate, the impressive Marshall Major II headphones, or an army green Bluetooth record player from Audio-Technica x UO. Keep them styling in a sweatshirt from Zara's Rolling Stones collection, some Rock & Roll Suicide face scrub made with volcanic ash and green clay, or a pair of classic hip-hop favorites, the Adidas Superstars. Accessories like these music-themed beaded lapel pins, a guitar pick-holding keychain, and a guitar print slim tie let him wear his passion on his sleeve. For music-makers, deck out his studio space with a "Kanye for President" desk plate or give the gift of inspiration with Anatomy of a Song, a look into the creation of some of the most impactful and iconic songs ever recorded. And for the serious musicians, the award-winning Seaboard RISE is considered one of the most innovative products of the year (you can see it in action here).

Are any of these music gifts on your wishlist?


Still shopping?? Let Free Wills Studio help! Check out these other gift guides for more links and inspiration.

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The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Prepster

The classic styles of these prepster gift guides are probably the furthest from my own personal style, but I always love them for one simple reason: the styles are classic. That means these gift ideas can work for your boyfriend or your grandpa, your bff or your child's teacher. Plus, classic gifts in polished styles feel luxe, so even though they might be generally universal, they still feel special to the recipient. Easy for you, special for them; basically, everybody wins.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12

Our preppy pals would love these updated takes on classic pieces. The Tippi sweater from J. Crew, one of the brand's best sellers since 2011, got a mini makeover in this fair isle print with athletic striping, while the Tory Burch Gemini Link necklace features a graphic abstraction of the iconic brand logo. Our classic gal will be pretty in pink with some Tata Harper lip products, the super-stylish "Rose Gold Dawn" watch from KYBOE!, and a posh flamingo iPhone case. Leather is even better when it comes in rich colors, like on this purple Day Designer binder, the bright pink Tory Burch convertible bag, or these rich canary yellow suede smoking slippers. Audrey at Home, a peak into the icon's private life, favorite recipes, and memories, as told by her son, would make a lovely gift. And similarly, help your giftee create her own home memories with vibrant tobacco leaf tin plates, a quirky pineapple tumbler, and a classic gold bar cart.

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Celebrate your recipient's classic good looks and style with a cheeky Tall, Dark, & Rich gourmet chocolate box and the Men and Style book, an in-depth look at fashion with insight from the industry's leading men. Speaking of style, help keep his classic look on point with a Nanamica down-filled pullover, a colorful Nixon watch, timeless lace-up boots, and a box of mixed print socks from The Dapper Way. Give him the gift of being happily imbibed with these embroidered beetle cocktail napkins, a retro-inspired steel flask, and a classic lucite bar tray. A Tommy Hilfiger hard-shell suitcase, shaving set from Baxter of California, and wood grain wireless speaker offer a style upgrade to his everyday items.

What's your favorite classic go-to gift?


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The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Artist

I think it's so much fun to shop for people who really appreciate art and design, so I really ran with these gift guides. Whether it's a reinterpretation of a classic work or an entirely new innovation, I love how these everyday items are taken into a more clever aesthetic territory that the art-lovers on your shopping list are sure to appreciate.

*As with a lot of the guides, so many of these items are entirely gender-neutral, so take the "his" and "hers" very lightly.

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Strong geometric shapes are a major accessories trend this year, as seen in this colorful mosaic Delfonics clutch and sculptural leather and wood fanned earrings. I think the tongue-in-cheek surrealism of these Milk lip markers and banana vase is really clever, while a plate set from MoMA celebrates a leader in the Surrealist movement, René Magritte. Any perfectionist would appreciate both the spacially-balanced zen that is Things Organized Neatly, as well as the Slate, which instantly digitizes detailed paper drawings. Color amps up a painted denim jacket and a beechwood backgammon set, while graphic black and white packs a punch on a pair of flatform trainers and the most gorgeous chocolate caramel marbles from Maggie Louise Confections. And finally, these adorable wooden dolls painted like famous artists would surely be a cute surprise for any art-loving lady.

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If the clothes make the man, than this artist needs some creative duds, like a scribbled star print shirt, color wheel cufflinks, marble-soled sneakers, and an inky, artsy watch. For gifts that entertain, a comic strip coloring book and Bourgeois colored pencil set are frugal finds, while an uber-modern acrylic chess set and whimsical easel tv stand are splurge-worthy gems. A fine arts buff will appreciate a match strike inspired by Roman sculpture, and a graphic artist will love the CMYK coasters, a nod to the classic ink color profile. Soaps from Wary Meyers, a company doing truly gorgeous things with glycerin, and artfully-packaged Nathan Miller chocolate bars, which come in flavors like salt + wafer and pretzel + cherry, make for stocking stuffers that are true treats.

What's your favorite art-inspired find?


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The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Old Soul

Of all the gift guides, I have to say, this one really sings to my soul. I'm a sucker for an antique, a vintage style, a reference to a bygone era. If you're looking for something for the old soul on your list, that person who seems a little more 1916 than 2016, I've got you covered with these vintage-inspired finds.

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Any gal with an old soul can appreciate that velvet has taken over the fashion world as of late. Celebrate her velvet-loving inner Queen Victoria with a mix-and-match choker set, star-embroidered jacket, saffron Clare V. clutch, and smart pair of flocked Mary Janes. A butterfly hand fan, beaded tassel earrings, and a floral fragrance inspired by Monet (in a charming pin cushion bottle to boot) provide the perfect accents for our vintage pal. A hobnail pitcher would add charm to any table, while a dreamy portrait would be a classic touch on the wall. Lastly, Jane Austen classics in the prettiest illustrated covers, a retractable feather pen for those that prefer a note to a tweet, and a stylish engraved domino set make for unique gifts that she's sure to love.

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For the dapper dude who appreciates a classic style, this forest green velvet blazer, wool and leather smartphone gloves, and wingtip boots with a modern sole are sure to impress. Classic-yet-entirely-unique accessories, like a wildflower print silk tie, a nautical signet ring featuring a 16th-century ship in a tattooed style, and a pair of beetle cufflinks evocative of Victorian-era entomology make for great gifts. The impeccably-groomed will love the styling products from Triumph & Disaster and this vintage shaving mirror, which is equal parts rugged and elegant. A "Truth Serum" decanter and Edison cloche lamp are clever takes on vintage decor, while a collection of classic adventure books and a backyard bocce set give leisure some old-world charm.

Are you a vintage lover?


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The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Athlete

Being a fitness fanatic can require a lot of gear, so gifting your athletic loved ones with some of the newest can be really well-received. From the frugal (socks) to the splurge-worthy (fit watch), whatever your budget, these finds can help you show your love in the most "fit"-ting of ways.

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Give your loved one the gift of comfort on her winter run with a wraparound sweatshirt featuring climaheat insulation, the PureBoost X trainers, which boast energy-returning properties, and the chicest wireless earbuds around. For pilates/yoga/barre lovers, they'll be styling for class in ballet-inspired grip socks and leggings, an art deco yoga mat, and quilted mat bag. For cardio junkies, the most adorable pair of Title boxing gloves, a super-sleek infuser water bottle, and the ultimate gym bag essential, dry shampoo. The Fitbit Charge 2 in my favorite color combo, lavendar and rose gold, and a fitspiration journal will help her keep track of all her goals and accomplishments.

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Winter workout gear should keep you warm but still look look stylish, and this tech fleece funnel pullover, designed to cover the ever-freezing lower half of the face, tapered joggers, and Flyknit Roshe 2's, all from Nike, hit both of those requirements. A coordinating Series 2 smart watch from Apple and Nike+, a Blender Bottle combo pack for protein shakes on the go, and a sleek water-resistant gym bag are everyday essentials any fit guy would love. A weighted jump rope and adjustable dumbbells will keep his muscles toned, while a sportsman recovery kit and trigger point massage balls will give them relief. And what's a workout without music? This bluetooth bike speaker is waterproof and shockproof for long rides, while these Bose wireless headphones provide powerful audio for the gym.

What's your go-to workout? I'm a big fan of Pop Pilates, but I'm always looking for something new. Leave me a comment and let's talk fitness!

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The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Homebody

This gift guide is for the people who know the true spirit of the holidays: that there's nothing better than being curled up and cozy at home. So grab a luxurious throw blanket, light a seasonally-scented candle, and snuggle into these homey finds.

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Comfort is king for this homebody queen. Give the gift of softness with this Eberjey nightshirt and eye mask, a leg-warming pair of socks, fluffy faux fur slippers, and a gorgeous velvet blanket. For the bath-lover, this pressed flower tub board and these luxe bath crystals would make a soak extra indulgent. And how great does it sound to curl up with some gourmet s'mores, a cup of french press coffee, and the latest edition of the ever-inspiring Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home? Lastly, an adorable brass plant mister and these beautiful succulent-topped bottles would make a great addition to any home.

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The holidays are looking extra cuddly with this plaid Pendleton blanket, a hooded robe from Ugg, suede and sheepskin slippers, and a pair of chunky camp socks. And how about giving the gift of lounge with his very own hammock, which can be set up indoors, perhaps in front of a roaring fire made with these all-natural pine cone fire starters? Crack in a Box from Dude, Sweet Chocolates is packed with nuts and would go great with a beer-filled stoneware growler or a strong cup of joe fresh from this camper's grade enamelware coffee pot. Some earthy, spicy soaps, a "Christmas on Cedar Run"-scented candle that smells of mulled wine, chantilly cream, smoked pine and winter berries, and the Cabin Porn coffee table book all add to the tucked away, cozy cabin vibe any homebody would appreciate.

And now the ever-important question for all the homebodies out there: what are you currently binge-watching? Leave me a comment and let's talk Netflix.


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The 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides: The Animal Lover

Christmas is just around the corner, but have you thought about your pet yet? Today's gift guide is all about furry friends and/or the people that love them most. These gift ideas aren't necessarily "his" or "hers," but rather just a way to kind of present cat-focused and dog-focused ideas. Obviously we've got a lot of cat-loving guys and dog-crazy girls out there, so take the categories very loosely.

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For the quirky cat-lover, a cute granny-esque sweatshirt and a pair of purr-fectly on-trend sheer socks let her show her love, as does the friendship collar set, which comes with a matching bracelet for the pet owner. For the home, a salt and pepper duo, stacking measuring cups, and silhouette pillows add a sweet touch. Your feline friend will love the dj scatchpost turntable, the most adorable catnip cactus and jar, and a cozy, extra-chunky knit bed, while a bamboo brush and bright cardigan sweater will keep them looking sharp.

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Celebrate man's (or woman's) best friend at home with a set of dog-a-day plates, a charming canine cheese board, or a personalized royal pet portrait, which might just be the cutest thing ever. A pair of dog face cufflinks and animal lover tee let him wear his heart on his sleeve, literally. Kiehl's grooming products, a bright jacquard sweater, and graphic geo collar will keep your pup looking fresh, while a bed from Lion + Wolf will keep him comfy and cozy. Nothing says happy dog like being well-fed, and this puzzle toy from Up Dog does double duty by releasing treats when solved. Speaking of treats, these cheese biscuits from Harry Barker, perhaps served up in a new ceramic bowl set, are sure to please.

Now the real question: are you a cat person or a dog person? And do you buy your pet a gift? Leave me a comment and tell me your verdict.


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