Color Theory 101... Radiant Orchid

Move over, Emerald- you are SSSOOOO 2013. You can still sit with the cool colors at lunch, but there's a new shade that's stolen our hearts- Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014.... Radiant Orchid!


I'd tell you I'm more excited about Pantone's color selection this year than I have been in recent years, and that would be accurate. But even more accurately, I'll just tell you that I'm obsessed. Straight-up-stalker-level-are-there-any-states-that-recognize-marriage-as-between-a-girl-and-a-color obsessed. I so quickly fell for it, in fact, that I even began wondering how the puppet masters at Pantone know me better than I know myself. (They're watching us...)

But that's the whole point of it, isn't it? You might think the idea of a color of the year sounds ridiculous, but it has already been and will continue to be the driving color force in fashion, beauty, and home décor for the months ahead. And more than that, if you are looking out for it, I bet you will start noticing Radiant Orchid in unexpected places, like office supplies, advertisements, wedding themes, you name it.

It has been crowned and so it shall rule.

Still don't buy it? Perhaps you'd rather hear it from the devil herself...

But I don't need my arm twisted, I'm already sold. Purple has always been a favorite hue of mine, but having very fair skin, it's almost always too harsh on me, bringing out blue undertones that I definitely don't need. And that's why I love Radiant Orchid so much- it's got the cool, moody feel of a purple, but with the warmth and wearability of a pink.

It's also versatile. In more muted shades, it is soft and ultra-feminine, but in more electric intensities, it's vibrant and edgy. Punk rock, even. So you can pick your poison (or posies, I suppose) to fit your personality.

And don't get me started on the endless color combination possibilities. I think it would be easier for all of us if I just go ahead and dare you to find a color that I'm not going to like with it.

Triple. Dog. Dare.

My mind is already buzzing with ways to infuse Radiant Orchid into my clothing, makeup, and home décor this year, so you can definitely expect a few style ideas and DIY projects using this color in the near future!

What's your verdict? Which areas of your life (fashion, beauty, home) would you use Radiant Orchid?