Currently: April

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  I always love when some of my favorite bloggers do their regular "currently" posts (like this, this, and that), so I decided to borrow (that's a nice way of saying steal) their idea and make it regular feature here.

So this month I am currently...

Working on tomorrow's photo shoot for Alternative Fashion Week's Face Melting for Fashion. We're going 70s retro and I can't wait to show you some behind-the-scenes pics! 

Reading my piled up emails and magazines. And very slowly getting through The Death of the Heart, which is exactly as good barely tolerable as it sounds. (I'm trying to read through TIME's 100 Best Novels and I always end up liking them in the end, so we'll see...) 

Watching old episodes of Parks & Recreation obsessively. 

Listening to MS MR on Spotify, also obsessively. 

Taking some much needed naps now that Circa is over. 

Eating gluten-free pastries from Lucky's Market, even though I can't afford them, money- or calorie-wise.

Thinking about all of the Thank You cards I still need to send. 

Wearing kimonos again! I LIVE in them when the weather gets warmer. 

Planning some new blog updates for the upcoming 1 year blogiversary! 

Feeling relaxed, grateful, and excited for the future. 

My favorite episode, when everyone drinks Snake Juice... :)

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I'd love to hear what you're currently up to! Answer one of the categories in the comments section and let's get to know each other!