Currently: April




Watching HBO Now for 30 blissful free-trial days. I've already gone through all episodes of Girls and have watched about 447 movies. I've got to get my zero dollars worth! If you have any must-see recommendations, do share.

Reading nothing because I'm frying my brain on free premium cable tv.

Working on rebranding (still!). I hope to have it all come to fruition very soon! :)

Listening on repeat, still, to my Work.Create playlist on Spotify. Here's one of my current faves...

Making progress on the illustration series I was hoping to start this year. I'll be able to share more of that when the new site launches.

Eating at my new favorite neighborhood spot, Acre. My pick: The Thai chicken bowl with coconut rice and curried cauliflower. It's my stomach's version of heaven.

Thinking about how much I'm dying to see Montage of Heck on HBO May 4th (hmmm... convenient 30-day timing... ;) ).

Wearing lots of new hairstyles now that mine is about a foot shorter. I love this pin for some good medium-length style ideas.

Planning all the summer kimonos/shirt dress I want to make. If I actually get around to any, I'll let you know.

Feeling motivated, stressed, excited, and exhausted. Rebranding amidst other major life changes will do that to a girl.


What's on your "Currently" list this month? Pick one (or all!) and share your answers in the comments!