Currently: August


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Working on some new collaborations for the blog! Most recently, I wrote this piece on the evolution of festival fashion for the Alternative Fashion Mob Blog, and I have some more things up my sleeve coming soon! :)

Reading nothing (shame!). I'd love to tell you about all the great, life-enriching books on my list, but with both my fiance and myself doing the small business shuffle, ain't nobody got time for that this month!

Watching The Conversation with Amanda de Cadanet (aka my new celebrity idol). It's such a simple but important premise: women talking about their real lives in honest ways. Here's an episode featuring one of my favorite actresses, Busy Philips, who offers a refreshing take on body image, especially regarding how warped our culture is about the whole "body after baby" issue...

Listening to local band The High Definitions' first official EP. It's so good!

Making a major effort to wake up earlier every day and in just one week I'm already reaping the feel-good benefits throughout the day. A calm morning equals a much more pleasant me.

Eating mushrooms! Mushrooms! Mushrooms! I am literally eating them as I'm typing. I know so many people hate them but I crave them. Yum!

Thinking about fall clothes, how my style is evolving, and how many pieces I want from the new fall Stella & Dot collection.

Wearing dresses over jeans. It was my style standby in the early 2000s and I'm excited for its resurrection.

Planning my wedding! Just kidding, I'm still not doing that. But hopefully soon. If I still haven't planned anything by New Year's, punch me in the face.

Feeling motivated! :)


And now you know the drill! Give me the scoop on your life at this moment in time. Answer one category or all of them- let's get friendly in the comments section!