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Watching Downton Abbey like crazy as I played catch up for the premiere. As I said on Facebook, watching 2 straight seasons was starting to make me feel like 1920s England was my actual life. I also realized while watching the show that my grandpa, who will be 90 this year, was born in this exact same time. And while he grew up on a Kentucky farm- so not the Abbey- that realization has kind of been blowing my mind.

Reading interior design blogs to fuel my obsessive (non-pregnant) nesting urges I've been having lately. A few of my faves: Remodelista, Elements of Style, Hi Sugarplum! among the many. And Domino, of course. #cantstopwontstop

Working up the motivation to start my monthly illustration series, as per my New Year's goals. Why are some of the things we love to do so hard to actually do? 

Listening to my January playlist, which if I do say so myself is the perfect background for creative work. I'll be updating it all month if you want to check out my Spotify account and follow along. Here's one of my current faves...

Making use of my Classpass this month and my legs are hating me for it today! A love it or leave it review on the classes I've taken to come...

Eating a lot of taco soup. Do you guys make that? Our family eats it a lot. It's basically a million cans of beans (give or take a few) tomatoes, chilies, a packet of taco seasoning and a packet of ranch seasoning in the crock pot. It's pretty healthy and super cheap. Win-win!

Thinking of cutting out sugar, because I keep reading about how it's life-changing for people with auto-immune disorders (which I have). I also then immediately start craving Haribo gummies. Like I actually interrupt the healthy thought with a candy craving every single time. For the people who successfully don't eat sugar- how in the world? Please send me your wisdom!

Wearing sweatpants, slippers, and blankets like it's my job. Also wearing this while actually doing my job as much as socially acceptable. I might just stay this way until March.

Planning in my new Whitney English Day Designer. I am IN LOVE! It makes my heart complete more than I can ever explain to you with human words.

Feeling motivated! I don't know why people hate on resolutions because I never feel more energized than when I've created a whole new plan for life. And so what if I'm setting myself up to fail on a few of my goals? I still feel great and am getting more done than usual, which I say is a solid step in the right direction.

What's on your "Currently" list this month? Pick one (or all) and share with me in the comments!

Until next time!