Currently: July




Working on a punk-inspired runway collection for Columbus Rocks the Cure, a fashion and music event started by my friend (and cancer survivor) Amee Bell-Wanzo, who also happens to be co-designing the collection with me.

Reading about dieting for your blood type. I've been slowly gaining weight since I quit eating gluten a couple years ago and someone recently mentioned to me that corn (which I now eat more of) can be an issue for weight loss. Anyone else follow a blood type diet? I'm collecting opinions/advice if so. I do, however, still need to figure out my blood type, which puts this on repeat in my head...


Watching ridiculously bad tv (aka my favorite kind) while all of the "regular" shows are on break for the summer. Thank god Teen Mom 2 comes back on this month. :)

Listening  to Bleachers. I Wanna Get Better is my favorite car song right now- full blast and singing at the top of my lungs. I'm having a bit of a Jack Antonoff musical crush happening at the moment, probably because he's amazing. He made this album (due out July 15th) while touring with Fun, saying it just existed within him. I can't wait to see what else he's got existing in there!


Taking time to try and get through my summer reading list. The Fault In Our Stars (as if anyone hasn't read it yet) is a perfect short read. And by short I mean you'll read it nonstop for two days.

Eating cookout food! With four family birthdays this weekend I'm getting my fair share of burgers, fresh fruit, and homemade ice cream. By the way, does everyone eat cucumbers and onions (as in the dressed-in-vinegar side dish), or is that a regional-specific kind of thing? We LOVE them! 

Thinking about how quickly my nephew is growing up. He's turning five this weekend and even though he talks like he's 35 (he told me the fireworks "were like a mirage") I still can't believe it.


Wearing all my new Stella & Dot jewelry! I've seriously never loved a brand so much! Also, I'm doing Dean Street Society's #stylemejuly Instagram challenge. Follow me and let's play along together!

Planning lessons for YMCA camp and drafting future design ideas in my head.

Feeling happy to be around my family!


What is your life looking like currently? Choose a topic (or all of them!) and tell me what you’re up to this month!