Currently | July Edition

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Watching The Astronaut Wives Club- anyone else? So far I really like it. I can't say LOVE yet, but for now it's doing its best to fill the well-designed, retro-era hole in my heart from Mad Men's departure. Plus I feel like I'm getting history lesson, so bonus brain points!

Reading and reading and reading some more. I had really let one of my favorite hobbies go, but since making regular library visits (free books for the win!) I'm on a new-found literary mission! I'll be sharing by recent reads with you this Sunday, so stay tuned...

Working on more graphic design and feeling very excited about this new (to me) medium.

Listening to Elle King. Anyone else absolutely obsessed with Ex's and Oh's?

Eating and cooking so much Mexican food. I can't get enough lately! It's just exactly what sounds good in the summer, am I right?

Fighting the tail end of an exhaustive virus. But I'm finally feeling somewhat back to life today. You know how after being sick for days you'll get a major surge of energy? I'm trying to run with that and play catch up as best I can this weekend.

Thinking about hair color. I haven't colored my hair in years and it's grown out to where it is now 100% natural. So naturally (no pun intended), I'm bored to death with it. What do you think- sun-kissed highlights, a rose gold tint, or just every single thing about this girl? (PS- I'm actually going to do it this time, I swear.)

Wearing a lot of makeup and a lot of new hairstyles for the #FWSBeautyChallenge. I'm having so much fun with it! And I'm sure Zach doesn't mind me looking human again...

Planning (tentatively) on building a bed. I have ideas but I'm guessing I won't actually have the nerve to tackle this project for about six months, give or take. I will, however, definitely share when the time comes.

Feeling settled. Finally. It's so nice to be in our space now and have it actually start to feel like home.

FYI, Did you know Elle King is the daughter of Rob Schneider?! Yes, the Rob Schneider, star of one of the greatest films of our time, The Hot Chick. And she also grew up in Columbus. Yeah, I cyber-stalked her today. You're welcome, world.

What's on your radar CURRENTLY? Pick a prompt (or all) and tell me all about your life in the comments!