Currently: June



Working on overload! Teaching summer art camps, working on a couple of things for the Alternative Fashion Mob, making a campaign video for Highball (a fashion/costume design runway show), and kicking off a whole new venture (I'll tell you about it next week!).

Reading The Giver and The Fault in Our Stars to gear up for the summer movies. And also The Good Luck of Right Now, which is this month's pick for the ABM Book Club.

Watching So You Think You Can Dance!! In a different life (and different body) I'm sure I was a professional dancer.

Listening to St. Vincent. I'm a little obsessed after seeing this choreographed performance on SNL. It and she are both crazy in my absolute favorite form.

Taking up way too much of my time wondering if I could pull off that eye shadow. Yeah, you're right, I probably can't. But there's a lingering problem: My mind's tellin' me noooooo, but my body... my boddday's tellin' me yehhh-esssssss.

Eating more salads and smoothies (and also ice cream). Because it's just what sounds good right now, isn't it? Sidebar: I had the new BBQ Chicken Salad from Wendy's yesterday and it was so good.

Thinking a lot lately about how much a blogger should share and what should be off limits... Any thoughts on this? Other bloggers, where do you draw the line?

Wearing a suede fringe bag I pulled out of retirement that has been getting so many unexpected compliments. And now I'm realizing I shouldn't be so quick to get rid of things just because I'm over the trend at that moment...

Planning on getting a much shorter haircut very soon (and maybe some crazy color!).

Feeling proud of my little artist/musician campers. One great week down! :)

What is your life looking like currently? Choose a topic (or all of them!) and tell me what you're up to this month!