Currently... March



Watching Hindsight on VH-1. Have you seen this yet? About a girl that gets sent back to her wedding day in the 90s to do it all over again? I really love it and the soundtrack alone is reason enough to watch.

Reading the many fashion week(s) reviews. The One Sentence Recaps on Man Repeller are among my favorites.

Working on making over and rebranding the blog for my upcoming birthday.

Listening to Sheppard. Geronimo is my ultimate mood-lifting jam right now.

Making inspiration boards on Pinterest for a few upcoming design projects. Spring is always a busy design/styling season and I'm excited to get back in the game.

Eating too much this weekend as we celebrate Zach's birthday. When asked what he wanted (as in gift-wise) his answer was steak so...

Thinking about getting a medium-length haircut. My hair is so out of control right now I would probably lose 5 lbs. Right now I like this, this, and this. (Votes via the comment section greatly appreciated.)

Wearing some old peasant/tunic tops circa 2010-ish that I haven't worn in so long they're starting to feel fresh to me again. Is there anything better than a roomy top? Answer: no. I want to add this bad boy from Old Navy to my collection and live in it all spring.

Planning my Aldi shopping list. I'm pretty new to the Aldi frontier and I was hesitant at first, but if you're gluten free like me, I'm telling you it's a dollar-saving goldmine.

Feeling exhausted yet motivated. Not a bad combo.



What's on your "Currently" list this month? Pick one (or all) and share with me in the comments!

Until next time!