Currently: May

:: rad ::

Here are some of the things currently on my radar this month...

Working on some upcoming illustrations for Etsy... You'll see them pretty soon!

Reading tips for writing HTML code. Which, yep, is as exactly as fun as it sounds. 

Watching Mad Men and completely obsessing over the fashion (as always), Megan's mixed-retro decor, and just the whole LA vibe in general. It's aesthetic overload.

Listening to Iggy Azalea, mainly because Fancy is generally always playing in my head.

Taking mental records (and pictures) of the cutest week ever babysitting my niece and nephew while my sister's in Hawaii.

Eating a lot of string cheese and french fries (please see above).

Thinking about signing up for a half-marathon (tips and pointers welcome). 

Wearing a band tee/graphic tee everyday. Like seriously every single day. I'm hooked and I need more.  Like this one, this one, and that one.

Planning my summer schedule and thinking around the clock about my goals for the future.

Feeling so relieved that my grandpa is in recovery after needing an emergency brain surgery a few weeks ago. It's been scary but he's doing great and almost completely back to his razor-sharp, sarcastic self. :)


What's your life like currently? Pick a word (or many) and let's talk about you in the comments section!



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