Currently: May


hand lettering by sean wes


Watching Mad Men from Season 1 again in an attempt to fill the giant hole in my heart.

Reading a lot about branding for the new site launch. For anyone starting or rebranding a blog, The Nectar Collective is one of my favorite resources.

Working my muscles since it's moving week!

Living out of suitcases. We moved out on Monday and are just now moving in to our new place today, so it's been a traveler's life this week.

Eating lots of takeout (have I mentioned it's moving week?).

Working on transferring content to the new site.

Thinking about and pinning decor inspiration for the new place. Isn't that the best part of moving?

Wearing this dress by J. Lo. I picked it up for a wedding last weekend and just love it! The color (I got Lucite green) is awesome and it's the perfect mix of dressy and comfortable. I hope to get many wears out of it this summer.

Planning my editorial calendar for the new blog. Do you have any questions about blogging/branding/creative entrepreneurship you'd like to see covered? If so, I'd LOVE to hear them in the comments.

Feeling (just like last month) motivated, stressed, excited, and exhausted. Moving + rebranding = work, work, sleepless nights tossing and turning, more work. Monday is going to be like a whole different world for me.


The new site will be launching next week! I hope you all will follow me on my next venture. Make sure you're signed up to follow this blog via email or Bloglovin' to make sure you receive the new updates!

Happy weekend friends!