Currently: November




Watching fall tv!! My happiest time of year! New shows I'm loving: How to Get Away with Murder, Marry Me, and Selfie. Plus the old faves: New Girl and The Mindy Project, which I watch and then re-watch every week. (They're even funnier the second time around.)

Reading among the masses- Yes, Pleaseand Not That Kind of Girl.

Working out more than ever and really feeling all of the aches and pains.

Listening to Deepak and Oprah ease me into meditation everyday as part of the Energy of Attraction series. I have to really force myself to do it daily, but I'm already loving the results.

Making mood boards and sketches for future projects. 

Eating soup and grilled cheese. Mmmmm....

Thinking a lot about color palettes. I'm feeling a push towards quiet neutrals and even all white/cream looks, which is really confusing the entire core of my being.

Wearing my "new" thrift store boots (the best find!) and my fave grungy army coat.

Planning for the holidays! I'm actually almost completely done with shopping and then it's time for my all-time favorite activity- gift wrapping!

Feeling relaxed. October was so busy that I'm really reveling in the ability to be calm and focus on one thing at a time. Or maybe that's just thanks to Deepak. Namaste.


 What's on your Currently list this month? Pick a topic or two and tell me all about it!