Currently: September



from The Great Gatsby, image via pinterest


Working on costume sketches for Highball, which you will undoubtedly hear/see more about in the next 2 months.

Reading the September issues! All of them ever. It's the most wonderful time of the sartorial year.

Watching Californication. Because, you know, I gotta stay hip with 2008. (And Netflix just added the final seasons.)

Listening to Sia. All Sia ever. And in case you missed it, the Chandelier video stars the girl from Dance Moms who I'm pretty sure is trying to inspire the making of The Ring 3.



Making myself do some fall cleaning. The lack of organization in my current situation has gotten a little out of control. I mean every single day I can't find my shoes, no matter what pair I'm looking for. I'm liking this, this, and this for possible storage solutions.

Eating Haribo Smurfs. #mystrangeaddiction

Thinking about how happy fall candles and cozy throws make me.

Wearing black and white and pink, which would have easily been among my least favorite color combos the past few years, but lately I'm totally obsessed. I'm loving the non-traditional color palette this season.


fashion blogger - Victoria Törnegren

blogger Victoria Tornegren, image via pinterest


Planning on splatter-painting my boyfriend jeans a la this post by Alisa Burke. I looove those "Studio Style" posts because they're cute but so much closer to I actually wear than most ootd posts.

Feeling spirited. Go Bucks! :)


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