DIY Chain Link Statement Ring


There are two opposing trends going on with rings right now- the dainty, delicate ring stack that has been around for a while, and the big and bold statement rings. And while I like both, I have to say, statement rings are definitely catching my attention more lately, particularly the chained rings that attach down the length of the finger, like this. Amazing, right? Notice the price tag on it? Yeah, if you also don't have $600 to shell out on a trend-of-the-moment ring, try this DIY, and you can have your own for as little as $15! Check it out...



What you do:

1. "Paint" the ends of the quartz beads with the gold leaf pen, starting with one side and then flipping over when dry to paint the other side.

2. Use pliers to adjust the ring size, one larger to fit at the base of your finger and one smaller to fit at the top.

3. Measure the length between the two rings and cut two matching lengths of chain, adding a link or two for slack.

4. Once the quartz beads have dried, glue them in any pattern you like on the top of the ring. (I think E6000 works best here.)

5. Using a jump ring, attach one of the chain to one of the ring loops.

6. Using another jump ring, attach the other end of the chain to the coinciding loop on the other ring, connecting them.

7. Repeat on the other side and enjoy!

*note: This project works best with very small jewelry findings- I used 4mm jump rings and the thinnest chain I could find.

I hope you like the project and give it a try! I have to say, the pictures don't really give it justice. My fiancé got home as I was finishing up and he A) didn't know I had made the ring myself and B) said he's never liked any jewelry as much as this ring! So, if you take away anything from this anecdote, I guess it should be that the dudes dig it. :)

And like I promised the other day, there will be two DIY projects this week, so look out for the next one this weekend!