DIY Embellished Slipper Shoes


I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus this week (I have been moving-aggh!), but I did manage to squeeze in this DIY project that I really love! I'm almost a little embarrassed to call it a "DIY project" because it is so simple that it almost doesn't need instructions, but sometimes aren't those the best ones? You need very few materials, and they also happen to be really inexpensive.

So if you read style blogs and fashion magazines, you have probably been seeing embellished slipper-style pumps and loafers everywhere; for instance, these from Del Toro or these from Charlotte Olympia. And though those styles will give you a lot of street cred in the fashion world, the price tags are way too high for most of us, so I decided to create my own version. And I'm happy to say that my pair, though admittedly less detailed and packing zero street cred, did turn out adorable and cost less than $25- including the $19.99 for the shoes! Now, if you are thinking you don't want to spend your time DIYing a pair of shoes, please note that this project took me exactly 15 minutes of hand-sewing time, which was spent simultaneously curled up on the couch watching the Kardashians, so basically it was a win-win for all parties involved.

And just a disclaimer, I went into this project with lips on the brain, and as I was looking for some puckered-up patches, I found these stick-on felt lips that were super cheap, so I went with those. They were a little messy in the sticky fingers department from the hand-sewing, but they were super easy to use and looked great at the end. Other options would be pre-made patches or you could basically cut out any shape from a sheet of felt and use that. Also, don't be intimidated by the sewing- it's easier than you might think it is and helps to maintain the original shoe, in case you ever decide to remove the patches. If you need help in this area, this video is a pretty good tutorial on a basic whip stitch. That said, if you want to slap on some E-6000 and call it a day, than by all means, glue on!! Here's how I made mine:



How you do it:

1. Place your patches or felt shapes where you want them, making sure they are even on both shoes. Since I used stick-on felt, they stayed in place well, but pins or light spray glue would also work.

2. Using your embroidery thread (regular sewing thread would also work fine, it would just be much less visible), thread the needle and knot the end of the thread. Affix the patch to the shoes using a basic whip stitch, making sure to back stitch and knot at the beginning and end. (An easy way to do this is by stitching over the first and last stitch, but before you pull the thread all the way through, slide the needle through the loop created by the slack thread and then pull through, creating a knot.)

3. Slip on the shoes and look like a million bucks!

And if you are wondering about the shoes, I scored mine at Burlington Coat Factory, where they had them in three different colors for only $19.99! I love the heels, but some great (and cheap!) flat versions that would work well are this pair from Target or these from Payless- both under $20!

And now that I am in patch-sewing mode, I can't wait to try my hand at these patchwork jeans and this girl's awesome handbag! What do you think of this patchy trend? Is it an awesome way to upgrade and add personality or is it a style that's better left for the girl scouts?