DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor


This DIY project is coming a little later than usual this week, but the good news is that this might be the cheapest project I've ever done! Turning an embroidery hoop into cute wall art is an idea that I've seen floating around Pinterest and have been wanting to try my own for a while now. Well, what better opportunity is there than during the week that I have devoted entirely to hand-crafted fashion? I love the look of cross-stitch and the humorous idea that it is now a very modern fashion craze. With this project, I tried to create the idea of cross-stitching and embroidery, without actually having to do any complicated needlework (ain't nobody got time for that :)).

So back to the cheap factor: embroidery hoops cost about $1-$2, depending on the size. A sheet of felt is about 35 cents and embroidery thread is about $1. So if you are a regular crafter at all, meaning you already have things like a needle and Mod Podge, this can potentially be done for $3!



How you do it:

1. Cover the larger outer hoop with a long, thin strip of fabric equal to the length of the hoop and about twice its width, and then coat with Mod Podge. To do this, you just need to lie the fabric, centered, over the length of the hoop and then paint the Mod Podge directly onto the fabric with a paint brush or sponge. I coated the outer circle first and then tucked the leftover fabric to the inside and coated that until it laid flat on the hoop. I used the gloss finish and it left a smooth, plastic-like texture that looks really cool. Let dry for at least an hour. (This step is optional, obviously, but the effect is definitely worth the extra effort.)

2. Once the outer hoop is dry, lay it face down on a flat surface. Place the fabric, also face down, over the outer hoop. Pulling the fabric tight, place the smaller hoop inside creating a frame for your fabric. Tighten with the screw at the top of the outer hoop until it is very secure.

3. Trim the excess fabric very close to the hoop edge. This part will be up against the wall, so just make sure it isn't visible and don't worry about the neatness of the cutting.

4. Now as for the design, there are endless options of how to do this. I printed out the letters I wanted to use on Microsoft Word, cut them out and then used the cutouts as a stencil to trace and cut the felt. Other (easier) options would be to buy a stencil or use pre-cut felt sticker letters.

5. The decorating part also has many options. I used a spray adhesive to affix the felt letters where I wanted them. I basically did this because I already had these supplies on hand, but if you are purchasing the supplies, I would recommend getting the peel-and-stick sheets of felt (if not the pre-cut stickers) to save yourself a step or two. Once the letters are placed, you can add decorative stitching around the edges for a crafty touch. A straight stitch works fine here, but since the felt is already adhered, there is a lot of freedom because all of the stitching is purely for embellishment purposes, so go with any stitch or method you like best.

6. Hang on the wall and enjoy! Or better yet, make a whole group of embroidered hoops for a wall collage!

So that's my version of the project- but the creative options for an embroidery hoop are limitless, so I hope you feel inspired to make whatever changes you can dream up. If this seems like too much of a craft undertaking for you, hoops also look great in groups with different fabrics- no need to embellish! I love the idea of trying this with all black and white fabrics for a modern take. And if you don't want to cover the hoop with fabric, they look great bare or can easily be spray painted. I like bold colors for a fun twist or black for a sleek look. How would you make your hoops? Let your creative voice be heard in the comments section!