DIY Glam Rock Bookends


I usually try to come up with my own original ideas for the DIY projects you see here on StyleOnHigh, but I just couldn't resist duplicating these gold bookends I saw a while back on designlovefest. If you stick with me and this blog, you will come to find that I am a little obsessed with gold. If I have to pick one (and I have definitely put way too much thought into this over the years), I would even say that it is, in fact, my favorite color. I think it looks great with every single hue, pattern, style, you name it. And the extra dose of glitz is always a good thing, in my opinion. So I obviously loved these gold bookends when I saw them, but, like so many pinned projects, they got pushed aside. Fast forward to the present, where it's Glam Rock week here on the blog, and I thought- could there ever be a more perfect time to recreate this project? I mean, they are, literally, glam rocks, and they'll add a perfect touch of 70s opulence to any space. I think Bowie would approve.


How you do it:

1. Spray the entire surface of the rocks with the gold spray paint. Let dry completely.

2. Sponge your paint color onto the bottom of the rocks about halfway up, gradually using a lighter touch to achieve an ombre look. Let dry.

3. Place stick-on rubber or felt pads onto the bottom so that any surfaces the rocks will go on will be protected.

Some tips about this project: I went to three different hardware/landscaping stores and was surprised that I could not find any rocks the right size or shape for this project. I finally found them at a pet store, so I would recommend starting there. You also could always find your rocks in nature, but like my favorite e-card says...

... so I opted for the shopping route. Also, you want to make sure you find rocks that have flat enough sides so they can stand up against your books. This project also works great with smaller rocks, using them as paper weights.

I hope you give this one a shot- it's super easy, inexpensive, and makes a big impact on a shelf!