DIY Graffiti Throw Pillow

  Since my fiancé and I started cohabitating about a year ago, I can tell you the merging of styles has not been an entirely seamless process. For the first few months you're all blissed out in love and you don't really mind that you now fix your hair in a "decorative" Samuel Adams mirror. Until one day, when you look over at your guy taking a nap on the couch, resting his head on a sequin-embellished silk pillow, covered up in a pink faux-fur throw blanket, and think...maybe we can merge a little better. And so, with the idea of "man"-ifying my decorative accents in the back of my head, I was so excited to see this print from Proenza Schouler's pre-fall collection, also the inspiration for my latest DIY project.

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The graphic print is both masculine and fashionable- a perfect combo when decorating for two. Whether you're home is 50% testosterone or not, a black and white graphic motif is an easy, timeless way to add some edge to your décor. And the best part is that it can really be treated like a neutral, mixing well with so many different colors, patterns, and styles. Check out the instructions for my simple no sew DIY Graffiti Throw Pillow to make one for your own home. (Note: I made this pillow with a split back, so the insert can be removed, but if you would prefer a simpler project, you could make two of the large square pieces and follow most of the instructions exactly the same, generally photos 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8.)

Urban_DIY_PillowSteps Explained:

1. Paint all pieces of your fabric. I used a paintbrush, but a foam brush would also work well. I painted letters and brush strokes on the front and used x's and o's on the back, but so many different patterns would work well, including some messy stripes if you aren't super confident in your painting skills.

2. After the paint dries (30-60 minutes), on the wrong side of the fabric, measure and mark an inch in from the interior lengths of the back flaps (the small rectangles), fold along that measurement and glue into place, creating hemmed edge for the split in the back of the pillow.

3. Because I used a "leather" fabric, after gluing, I covered the folded areas with clothespins to help hold the fabric together while the glue dried.

4. When the glue has dried (30-60 minutes), remove the pins and begin to assemble the layers. Lay the large front square with the right (painted) side of the fabric facing up and the smaller back rectangles right side down on top of the square, with the folded areas overlapping in the center.

5. With the right sides touching, glue pieces together using an inch-wide border around three of the four sides. (It's easiest to include both overlapping sides in this three out of four with one of the flat sides remaining.)

6. Pin glued areas and let dry like before.

7. Once dry, remove pins and turn the whole thing right side out. Insert the pillow form and glue the final side together, turning the edges in an inch and gluing the right sides of the turned in fabric together, pinning as you go. (If using an "easier" fabric than leather, you could essentially skip this step, gluing down all four sides in step 5 and then turning right side out through the split back, but I found this way easier with such a thick fabric.)

8. Allow to dry for about an hour, fluff and enjoy!

And here are my final results, front and back...


Here is the grand reveal of my new graffiti pillow, paired up with my new pony hair pillow (a Target score!). I think the fiancé would agree this is a huge improvement from pink and sparkly! What do you guys think? Also, I'd love to hear if anyone has any "girly" décor they would fight to the death to keep? Mine would have be my antique dresser, which also serves as a jewelry vanity. I need that girly space! How about you? What are your prettiest, most-valued pieces? Let me know in the comments section!