DIY Metallic Beanie

DIY_BeanieSelfie Grungy knit beanies are my most-wanted accessory of the moment. I have been coveting this black and gold metallic version from Missoni, here, but with a $320 price tag, it wasn't going to become a reality for me anytime soon. So I decided to try and make my own version, starting with this $6 hat from Target. Add the cost of two tubes of gold fabric paint (this project DRANK up the paint), and it still comes in under $10! Here's what I did...


So obviously this one is SUPER easy, but here are some directions anyway...

How you do it:

1. Paint the band around the base of the hat. For mine, I ended up using about five coats because I wanted it to be shiny and waxy looking.

2. While that is drying, begin adding dots using the tip of the paint tube. The grid pattern of the beanie allowed me to do this free hand because I just dotted every few squares. Then went down two rows and dotted in the squares in between the previous row, alternating this method down about five or six rows.

3. Let dry for a few hours, or if you're tired of waiting like I was, use a hairdryer in between coats to speed up the process. Once dry, flip it over and repeat the process.

There you have it! And now that I've realized how cheap and easy a personalized beanie can be, I've got about a million other ideas...cross-stitch, rhinestones, patches, dip-dye... The options are endless! My head is going to be one happy camper this winter!

What do you think? Will you be wearing a beanie this season?