DIY Retro Glasses Chain

This DIY is one of the easiest projects I have ever done. It took only a few minutes and adds a cute retro flair to any pair of glasses. And the coolest thing about this chain, other than the fact that it lets you take off your glasses and wear them as a necklace, is that it's removable and adjustable. So you can take the chain on and off and switch pairs to suit your mood, which in your new chained glasses is sure to be smart and classic! :)  


What you do:

1. Push an elastic band through one of the cord end coils and slide the coil to the midway point in the elastic. Repeat on the other set. Add just a drop of super glue down into the coils to hold the band in place.

2. Open jump rings with the pliers and place the rings one end of each of the elastics.

3. Use the jump rings to connect the elastics to the chain, one on each end, and close the rings with the pliers.

4. Slip your new chain onto a pair of glasses and enjoy!

With all the retro sunglass trends out right now, what style are you dying to try? Or which have you had in constant rotation this summer? Post in the comments!