#MonthlyMani: Graphic Pineapple Print


I'm taking part again this month in the #MonthlyMani linkup hosted by Delightfully, Kristi. The theme chosen was "summer picnic" so I went with my favorite summer food- pineapples!

I've always loved painting my nails and making nail art, but I'm still feeling really inadequate when it comes to documenting these DIY manis. It can be really awkward to take a picture of your own hand not to mention nearly impossible to capture the actual process. It's times like these I realize I need an assistant. And a photographer. And probably a life coach. ;)

Anyway, here's my take on a fruity summer picnic mani...


First, I applied my base colors. I'm pretty obsessed with black or white nail polish as a base for nail art. I think they help to make everything look graphic and chic. Either color would work great with this design, but I opted for black, using it on most of my nails. I then added a couple yellow accent nails to serve as my "pineapple" nails.



I used a paintbrush to add crossing stripes on the accent nails. If you feel really shaky (pun intended) with making freehand stripes, you could use nail stripe tape, but I don't mind the organic/imperfect quality here. Pineapples have texture, so I think it works. :)



Then I added a green tip for the... leaves? Do pineapples have leaves? Anyway, I just swiped the nail polish across the top, but again, you could easily tape off that portion before painting if you prefer.



What do you think? Am I ready for a summer picnic?


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