Eye It/Buy It/DIY It: Summer Romance

When the weather heats up and the air gets sticky, there are two general options when it comes to clothing tactics. 1- the clothes-to-skin ratio diminishes to near-nude proportions (not for me....not even down the street from me) or 2- the clothes get loosy-goosey and easy-breezy (now we're talking...). If you tend towards the more modest side, like myself, you're in luck, because comfort in the summer can be really beautiful. It's easy to get into a rut of t-shirts and flip-flops, but this year, I'm loving the idea of redirecting this comfort-centric train of thought towards the uber-romantic. With easy silhouettes and natural fabrics, this look is every bit as comfortable as your heat-wave rags, but undeniably prettier and more flattering.

Eye It



The romantic summer look is all about classic or vintage styles in modest and forgiving silhouettes. The color palette mimics nature, playing off of pastel garden colors grounded with lots of cream, taupe, and white. Fabrics should be soft, flowy, natural, and comfortable. Floral patterns are key, as are ombre and watercolor treatments for a dreamy, romantic vibe. Boho blouses, flowy dresses, maxi skirts, and delicate accessories will keep you looking sweet while you're fighting the heat.

And ps- are you loving the adorable, pink-haired cyclist above as much as I am? Well, it's Elle from Opium Poppies and if you haven't checked out her blog yet, I highly recommend you do so here.

Buy It


Here are some of my favorite pieces to put some summer lovin' into your wardrobe- 50 under $50.



Lace is great and florals are fine, but my absolute favorite way to keep your summer romantic is with this sentimental DIY Message in a Bottle necklace. I put a sweet little note from my fiancé in mine (he's on a quotes kick lately), but so many mementos could work well. Riding solo? Put your favorite romantic song lyrics, a motivational or uplifting message, or better yet, make one with your best friend and give each other notes about why you're perfect for each other. :) And my absolute favorite thing about this project- it's super-easy and costs just around $10!


A Breakdown of the Steps:

1. Roll up your message and place it in the bottle. (A few notes: I gave my message a quick brush with some brown watercolor to make it look vintage, but this is obviously optional. Tea staining would work as well or just some imperfect tears for added "authenticity". And if you're wondering where to find the bottles, you can get a package of 6 or so for about $5.99 in the scrapbooking section of any of the larger craft stores. I got mine at Michael's.)

2. Pierce the cork all the way through with the eye pin, trying to remain near the center.

3. Snip off about half of the tail-end of the eye pin using the wire cutters and then curl this end up towards the cork using the pliers (round nose works best).

4. Push the curled end of the eye pin up into the bottom of the cork so that it is generally flush with the bottom.

5. Dab a dot of super glue on the top and bottom of the eye pin where they meet the cork, for added security. Apply a line a glue of glue around the perimeter of the cork, near the middle, and insert it into the bottle.

6. Using the pliers, add a jump ring to the eye pin and thread the chain through. Add jump rings to the ends of the chain, using the final one to attach the lobster clasp.

7. Wipe away a sentimental tear from having made the most adorable necklace in the name of love. :)

I hope you liked this Summer Romance edition of Eye It/Buy It/DIY It! If you go for it and make the necklace, please feel encouraged to share your gushy, mushy message in the comments below! And if you hate crafts but love love, a "would-be" message is just as meaningful. Sidenote: hilarious and/or inappropriate messages also allowed. :)