Fashion Update: Solange x Puma "Girls of Blaze" plus Peter Pilotto x Target launch

I don't usually make entire posts around brand launches or collection lookbooks, mainly because there are plenty of blogs around doing that and it just basically means I'm copying and pasting what they're doing, which isn't my thing. But sorry better launch blogs of the world, because I had to make an exception for today because this weekend the affordable fashion world is about to blow. your. mind. But if you don't know about it before it's happening, you're likely going to miss out, and I'm not about to let silly things like "integrity" or "legality" stand in the way of that. :)

Solange x Puma "Girls of Blaze"

So I know this isn't an incredibly popular opinion, but to me Solange is the true star of the Knowles family. I know Beyoncé is an unreal force that no one can measure up to, but for every bit of fierceness the Queen Bey brings, Solange matches it in unbeatable coolness. Her hair, her culottes, her Kenzo partnership, and now, her latest role as Creative Consultant  for Puma's Women's Lifestyle Range. But before you role your eyes at the amount of rappers, reality stars, and B-list celebrities that have "their own line," rest assured Solange is not in this category. And with her first ad campaign, "Girls of Blaze," featuring a colorful bunch of Solange clones, it's clear that she has her own voice and her own aesthetic. She also seems to know exactly what the fashion world needs. Not what's now, but what's next.

It's Solange's world, and I'm happy just to get to see it.

SolangePuma_2 SolangePuma_1 SolangePuma_3

To see the rest of the lookbook, as well as a dreamy Behind-the-Scenes video, check out my source for these awesome images here. And if you're wondering how to get your Solange-worshipping paws on these colorful kicks, they are available exclusively at Opening Ceremony starting TODAY!

Peter Pilotto for Target

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you already know about Peter Pilotto, the coveted Brit label that is the latest Designer collaboration set to launch at Target. And if you haven't heard me go on about how amazing their Target collection is going to be, I'll let their lookbook tell you in fewer words...

PeterPilotto_1 PeterPilotto_2

Would you ever believe these designs were in the $29.99-$79.99 range? No you wouldn't, because it's too amazing. And because of that, buyer's beware, when these bad boys go on sale in stores and online, Feb. 9th (THIS SUNDAY!!), you'll want to stake claims within minutes. These lines tend to sell out the morning they launch.

See the whole collection and pinpoint the look you're ready to fight for at

What do you think? Will you be shopping either of these launches this weekend?