Friday Five: 5 Things I Didn't Realize I was Obsessed with Before Pinterest


In my work as a designer and stylist, it has always struck how the degree to which one knows their personal style can fall within such a broad range. One person might come to the table with colors/silhouettes/styles they are interested in, while another person might come into it knowing they just need a change but aren't even really sure what they like. If you're someone who falls into the latter category and struggle with defining your personal style, I would say start pinning! The styles, colors, patterns, you are drawn to will emerge pretty quickly.

I've always very confidently known my personal style, but I've still been very surprised when I go to pin something like pineapples wearing sunglasses and realized I've already pinned it to three different boards. Like who in the world knew I was into pineapples with personality? I didn't! But it's an interesting thing to note. Here are a few other things I've realized through pinning that are, for whatever reason, my absolute jam.


1. Gallery Walls

Okay, I know what you're thinking. The whole world is obsessed with gallery walls. And now they most definitely are, but a few years ago, before the gallery wall explosion even occurred, my sister was looking through my home decor board and was like "almost all of these pictures are just a bunch of pictures hung on the same wall." And she was so right. I didn't have a clue at the time that I was drawn to that, but now I realize it's the perfect blend of maximalism (mixing colors, prints, sizes, etc.) and organization (there's generally an overarching theme). Two things I want and need when it comes to style.

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2. Vintage Girls in Groups

I don't know what this one is even about. Maybe a childhood spent watching Now & Then makes me crave a retro girl gang? Or is it simply an appreciation of repetition and uniformity as design motifs? Who knows? But my mood board is full of these images and so many other random vintage objects. Gallery wall theme inspiration, anyone?

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3. Colorful Velvet Sofas

I was looking through my home decor board and realized that I had pinned different pictures of the same exact navy velvet sofa five different times without even knowing it! I apparently really need it in my life. But it didn't stop at navy or even sofas, for that matter- I just apparently need all the colorful velvet in my life.

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4.  Gemstones Art

Pinning helped me realize an intense love for gemstone everything: illustrations, candy, sweatshirts, whatever. I'll take all of them, all the time, on all the things. But I really, really love gemstone art because I think it's a perfect way to give your decor a hint of nature in its most glam form.

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5. DIY Soap

How many times have I made a batch of DIY soap at home? Zero point zero zero. How many times have I pinned DIY soap with dreams of creating it at home? Approximately 500 million. It might actually be my calling in life. Who knew?

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Is there anything you find yourself pinning over and over again?