FRIDAY VIBES // Fine Art and Hip Hop


In my opinion, art and music are two of the most important aspects of life, so I love to celebrate anytime they work hand-in-hand. The rap-meets-Renoir Tumblr account, Fly Art, got a lot of buzz a while back for their brilliant pairings of fine art paintings and hip-hop lyrics, bringing new meanings to both. These are a few of my current favorites.

Friday-Vibes-Fly-Art-Hip-Hip-Paintings-Formation Friday-Vibes-Fly-Art-Hip-Hip-Paintings-Forever-Ever Friday-Vibes-Fly-Art-Hip-Hip-Paintings-Eat-Your-Brain Friday-Vibes-Fly-Art-Hip-Hip-Paintings-Stanky-Leg Friday-Vibes-Fly-Art-Hip-Hip-Paintings-Cant-Touch-Dis Friday-Vibes-Fly-Art-Hip-Hip-Paintings-Check-Yo-Self Friday-Vibes-Fly-Art-Hip-Hip-Paintings-Call-All-The-Shots Friday-Vibes-Fly-Art-Hip-Hip-Paintings-Diamonds-in-the-Sky

Aren't they fun? I'm thinking this idea could make for a really great thrift store art DIY... And If you like them as much as I do, you can even buy a piece to wear on your person over at Rad. I want this one.

**PSA: The selections featured here are more PG-rated than some of the other lyrics on the site. So if that sounds like something you are not be into, you have been warned.

Are you a fan of Fly Art?