FRIDAY VIBES // Fringe Benefits


There's never been a time when I haven't liked fringe, but lately I'm fringe crazy! From Western wear to vintage glam, rocker chic to boho flair, fringe adds so much attitude to a look. Today I'm taking a moment to celebrate this fun and fancy swinging trim.

Friday-Vibes-Fringe-Benefit-Silver Friday-Vibes-Fringe-Benefit-Rocker Friday-Vibes-Fringe-Benefit-Cowgirl Friday-Vibes-Fringe-Benefit-Evel-Knievel Friday-Vibes-Fringe-Benefit-Coat Friday-Vibes-Fringe-Benefit-Baroque Friday-Vibes-Fringe-Benefit-Flapper

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What are your feelings on fringe?