Friday Vibes // Going for the Gold


The Academy Awards are this Sunday and now that Leonardo DiCaprio might finally win an Oscar, my tweenage heart has never been more invested. Seriously, you guys, I spent about 90% of my 7th grade year collecting and covering my walls in Leo posters. I just loved him. So this vibes post is dripping with gold in hopes that he finally takes home the statue.

Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Slime Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Ear-Lobe Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Thumb Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Phone-Book Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Lipstick Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Chair Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Tongue Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Trash-Bag Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Bloomers

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Sidebar: I've been listening to this Best Original Songs playlist while writing this post and some of it has been hilariously perfect. Think Take My Breath Away, Up Where We Belong, and (my favorite) Man or Muppet.

Now I'm dying to know- who was your Tiger Beat heartthrob?