#FWSBeautyChallenge Recap and Week 2 Inspiration

Thanks so much to all the gorgeous ladies who have been posting and playing along! I've loved, loved, loved seeing your pictures! Keep up the great work! :)

And if you're still interested in joining (you can hop in anytime this month!), simply download the calendar here.

And every time you post a pic with the hashtag #FWSBeautyChallenge, you're entered to win this super awesome prize! (Make sure to tag me, too- @freewillsstudio- so I can comment and share!)


I can't wait to dig into Week 2! Since I know some of you have questions about the prompts or might be running out of ideas, I'm going a little more in depth on the themes this week and sharing some inspiration. But, remember, this is only in case you need the ideas! Otherwise be free as a beautiful little bird with the themes. There are no rules in this game- just having fun and looking pretty! :)

So here's what's coming up on the agenda...

Friday, July 10: Smoke in the Eyes

Show us your beautiful peepers! Do you like a more subtle, daytime smoky eye or a full-on bombshell date night look? Maybe you like to think out-of-the-box with an unexpected color? Whatever your style, it's all about those smoky, sultry eyes. And if you're a real pro, share your smoky eye tips and tricks with us!

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Saturday, July 11: Lip Color Dare

The point of this one is to get out of your comfort zone! Do you always wear a subtle pink/nude gloss? Try a bright orange shade. Love the drama of a deep purple? Try a bright poppy pink instead. Or maybe you're like me and always pin a certain trend and then forget to try it? Now's the time! You just might find a whole new look to love.

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Sunday, July 12: Braided Beauty

I love a good braid in summer! Simple or intricate, sleek or textured, show us how you rock a plait. And don't fret if you're a little less-than-talented in the hair braiding department- just add a twist to your bangs or pony. The options are really endless!

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Monday, July 13: My Go-to Nail Color

My nails tend to be a little moody, so for me this is anything in the lavender/grey/blackish family. But I want to see your go-to! Have a favorite shade or brand that you always reach for? It's fun to see everyone else's- like IG shopping! You just might find the new polish of your dreams.

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Tuesday, July 14: Summer Scent

This is another one where it's fun to shop what everyone else is wearing. Do you change your fragrances in the summer or do you have a signature scent year-round? I want to see the fragrance that makes you feel summery and beautiful.

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Wednesday, July 15: Makes my Eyes Pop

There are so many ways this can be done, but basically I want to see how you make your eyes the star of the show. Do you use a certain shadow to bring out your eye color? Do you line the inner rims to make them look mesmerizing? Maybe you've got a lash trick to share? Show us your best eye moves!

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Thursday, July 16: Vintage Betty

This is perhaps my favorite prompt because of all the wonderful possibilities. You could try your hand at some Old Hollywood finger waves. You could channel the Victorian era with a lace mani. Or you could rock some retro winged liner and a cherry pout for some major pinup vibes. Go full on drama or put your own modern spin on it- it's totally up to you!

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I can't wait to see what you all come up with this week! See you on Instagram!