#FWSBeautyChallenge Recap and Week 3 Inspiration

What a bunch of gorgeous faces!! Thank you all so much for participating this week!

If you haven't joined in yet but think you might want to, it's not too late! We're only halfway through the month which means there are still plenty of prompts to take part in!

You can download and save the daily prompt calendar here and don't forget- every pic you post with the hashtag #FWSBeautyChallenge is an automatic entry in the Beauty Bag Giveaway! One lucky IGer will score this adorable Stella & Dot pineapple print beauty bag filled with some of my favorite products!


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There are no real "rules" to the challenge. Just check out the daily prompt and post a pic that shows off your own personal take on that day's themes. I want you to feel VERY free to interpret the prompts however your beautiful heart desires. I do, however, often get questions on the prompts and/or asked for ideas, so for all of those playing along at home, here's a little inspiration for the week ahead...


Friday, July 17: Go Bold or Go Home

To me, this prompt is all about taking any aspect of your beauty routine and giving it that extra little push to really make a statement. Whether that's a little extra va-va-voom in your hair, a daring winged eyeliner, or some knockout neon on your nails, it's all about going bold! Hereare a few of my favorite bold looks. How will you put your spin on this theme?

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Saturday, July 18: Lady is a Vamp

This is the prompt I'm probably most excited about. It's a great excuse to get in touch with your dark side and try out the glam goth trends. I'm pretty excited to try the dark lipstick trend, but if going full on vamp isn't your thing, get creative with something less in-your-face, like a simple, chic black negative space mani.

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Sunday, July 19: Beach Babe

There are so many directions you could go with this regardless of your proximity to an actual beach. Mermaid waves, boho braids, sun-kissed skin, HAC/strobing, bronze lids, your newest sunglasses- anything goes!

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Monday, July 20: Accessory Must-Have

Showcase an accessory that makes you feel beautiful and helps pull together your look. Whether it's a vintage keepsake, a statement piece, or a favorite that you wear day after day, this prompt is all about the extra toppings that help you express your personal style.

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Tuesday, July 21: Animal Instincts

Go wild with inspiration from the animal kingdom. From cat-eye liner to a fishtail braid to a snake print nails. How can you incorporate some of Mother Nature's greatest designs into your own look?

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Wednesday, July 22: My Go-to Hairstyle

This one's pretty self-explanatory. The fun part about these "go-to" prompts is that by the time something is your standby, you've probably got the technique down and know the perfect products and tools to recreate it. Feel free to share your "go-to" hair styling tips and tricks with us!

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Thursday, July 23: Orange Crush

Isn't orange just the most summery color of all time? And in my opinion, it's much easier to wear than most people think. Here are a few of my favorite orange looks- how will you rock yours?

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I can't wait to see what you all come up with on Instagram this week!