Halloween Costume Ideas: Styling Around a Statement Piece

I've always been a big believer in putting together a unique Halloween costume on your own rather than purchasing the bagged costumes from the store. I could give you a whole list of reasons as to why I feel this way (don't worry, I won't), but the main argument is simply that those bagged costumes are expensive. I can't bear to spend $50-$150 on a cheaply-made costume that I'll only ever wear once, especially when there's a good chance that wherever I go in it, someone else might have on the exact same one. Nope, not for me. I mean, really, when is the last time you pulled out any item from one of those packages to wear again? I'd much rather spend costume money on something I actually want in my wardrobe and could see myself wearing all season, not just for one night. And that $50-$150 saved at the costume store can go towards a really great on-trend investment piece that your closet will thank you for at the end of the day. So that's basically my go-to plan every Halloween- figure out what I've been dying to buy and then build a costume around that- and that's also what I've done for you here. I took three of my favorite must-haves for fall and then put together some costumes that could work for these items. And for the most part, I stuck within the $100-and-under range for most of the pieces, so you won't have to break the bank putting your look together. First up is the fur coat!... Halloween_StatementPieces_FurCoat

fur coat

Use this fur coat with any of the images below for a great one-of-a-kind costume!


cruella: wig | cigarette holder | gloves | bag | shoes | dress

courtney: tights | tiara | bag | lipstick | boots | dress

penny: necklace | top | sunglasses | ring | boots | bag | pants

edie: tights | eyeliner | earrings | shoes | bag | dress

And if you noticed, these four all have very distinct hair and makeup looks, so make sure to play that up if you plan on going as any of them. The black-and-white hair for Cruella is an absolute must, as is messy everything for Courtney, a mop of curls for Penny, and a graphic mod eyelid for Edie. I'll be getting more into Halloween hair and makeup later on in the month if you need some more ideas on that front, but for now, let's check out the next statement piece- leather pants! (okay, so these are actually "vegan leather" pants, but the idea is the same)...


leather pants

And what you can do with them...


catwoman: mask | ears | gloves | bag | boots | top

axl: tattoos | bracelets | sunglasses | headband | bag | boots | top

ziggy: earrings | top | eye shadows | nail wraps | shoes | bag | jacket

janet: knee pads | earrings | nail polish | eye crayon | boots | bag | sweater

I love that all of those costumes have a distinctly different look, but yet they're all tough and sexy. And makeup is another crucial aspect here, as well. After all, a Ziggy Stardust costume is nothing without the lightning bolt across the face; or Catwoman without the red lips, Axl without tattoos, or Janet without an intense smoky eye.

Lastly is what is maybe my favorite of all the fall trends- the wide-brim fedora! Check it out...



And it's the perfect topper to these looks...


indiana: vest | necklace | whip | boots | bag | dress

stevie: earrings | top | boots | bag | skirt | kimono

annie: vest | sunglasses | necklace | pants | shoes | bag | shirt | tie

carmen: earrings | scarf | gloves | romper | belt | boots | bag | coat

How great are those shoes and boots for under $100?! I don't know about you, but I would just so much rather put my money towards boots that can be worn again and again than spend it on a pair of Halloween prop shoes. And I'm also loving all of the couples costume opportunities here: Kurt and Courtney, Edie and Andy Warhol, obviously Catwoman and Batman, Axl and Slash (amazing), Janet and Michael, Annie Hall and Woody Allen... and I've even been seeing Carmen Sandiego coupled with Where's Waldo as an unstoppably elusive dynamic duo. Hilarious!

But now let me hear from you! What's your best/worst costumes in the Halloween history books? I have two favorites. First, my 4th grade Wednesday Adams costume- 1. because I was a dead ringer (I could have won a look alike contest) and 2. because my pictures with my friends from that day involve me in my ghostly Wednesday face among a sea of turquoise bejeweled Jasmine's. Literally, everyone was Jasmine. I give my 4th grade self a lot of credit for not going along with the crowd that year. :) My other favorite was a few years back when I went as Ke$ha because, well, it was Ke$ha and so obviously it was amazing. My worst was definitely the year I dressed as a geisha last minute, just because I wanted to wear this beautiful printed silk robe I had, but it also happened to be the year my fiancé went as John Lennon, so everyone thought I was Yoko Ono all night, which just so happens to make absolutely no sense whatsoever stylistically. So I guess they just thought that I was wearing the worst Yoko Ono costume of all time...major failure in the couples costume department.

Have some good/bad memories of your own? Share them in the comments!

And P.S., while we're on the subject of commenting, I may or may not do another round of these statement piece costume ideas...help me decide by weighing in on what kind of Halloween help you're looking for this year!

Either way, there's lots more holiday spirit to come, so make sure to check back later this week for a haunted Victorian home décor DIY project that I can't wait to share!