Happy Birthday, Mama!


Seriously, how beautiful is this picture of my mom? Today is her birthday and she will undoubtedly not like this photo or this post, because she's one of those people that even though everyone tells them how pretty they are all the time, they seem to never actually notice or believe it. But she is so beautiful for so many reasons. Aside from being obviously adorable, she has eyes that sparkle and a smile so wide it lights up the room. Sometimes I'm even pretty jealous of my younger sister, because she looks just like her and I literally didn't get any of her genes (at least not in the physical department).

But it's more than beauty that makes her so special. She is also modest, soft-spoken, and always feminine. She's incredibly generous and caring, always the first person any of us look to when we're upset or need help. In fact, she's that person that everyone spills their whole life story to, because she knows exactly how to listen without being judgmental. Sometimes it seems like I've spent my whole life dealing with health issues and operations, and she's always been there to comfort and take care of me. She is a calm and warm presence when the world seems harsh.

And while she is about 80% soft and sweet, she's also fiesty, tough as nails, hilarious (often on accident :) ), and REALLY sharp. Oh, and she also happens to be one of my favorite people on the planet and one of my closest friends.

Happy birthday, mom!! I hope you have a day as amazing as you are!