In the Mood for...Crafted Fashion


Holy Craft! One of the latest trends on the 2014 Resort runways takes a few style notes from earlier, less technological, times. From dainty needlepoint to earthy macrame, hand-crafted fashions have seen a resurgence as of late- and no one could be more thrilled about this than a fashion DIY'er! Crafted Fashion will be the theme this entire week on StyleOnHigh, so settle in to find out more about this trend...


One of my favorite collections was the craft-heavy bohemian lineup at Alexander McQueen. The show's macrame, crochet, patchwork denim, floral tapesty, and whipstitched leather, gave an air of retro Americana in the beautiful way possible.


In an exciting departure from the usual refined glamour of Valentino, the Resort collection ushered in a new earthy and bohemian look. A more delicate take on the craft trend than at Alexander McQueen, the show featured lots of dainty, feminine embroideries, but my favorite pieces, hands down, were the amazing floral macrame-embroidered dresses, one of which is shown above.

I'm so excited for all the craft-tastic things lined up for this week! Tomorrow I'll be sending out another 50 Under $50 and you can look forward to some awesome DIY fun headed your way! See you soon!