It's My Birthday! (But I've Got a Gift for You...)

Coming off of one of the best weekends of my life, I have to say I'm having a very blessed birthday this year. First of all, Circa on Friday night had a great turnout and went as well as I could have imagined! I seriously still can't believe all of the support we received, from great sponsors, amazing designers, and everyone who bought tickets! I even had people I've never met before volunteer to help out and that is just simply amazing!


I couldn't believe there was such a crowd for a first-time event! (non-phone pics coming soon!)

Then a couple of my favorite people got married yesterday at one of the coolest weddings I've ever been to. They're huge hockey fans and had their ceremony and reception at Nationwide during a Blue Jackets game! And take a look at this bride...


I love a girl that goes against tradition! It was her day and she did it exactly how she wanted- you've got to love that!

So after a weekend that was full of so much love and good fortune that I am literally just in awe, I am very happy to spend my day relaxing and reflecting on what a great year it has been. In fact, this is something I've never talked about on here, but just less than two years ago, I was in one of the lowest places I've ever been. After being a victim in a violent random crime, I wasn't sure I was ever really going to go back to feeling "normal." Sometimes I felt scared just even being in public and had an overall more negative outlook on humanity in general. I even had a hard time talking to some of my best friends because I just didn't really have anything nice to say for a while.

I started blogging partly because of this. I just had a need to get my feelings out and start fresh. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for less than a year because it has brought so many amazing blessings to my life! It's been a great way to connect with people and has helped me immensely to get out of my funk. This weekend especially, with two big events, I've realized that I've not only gotten over that sense of fear that something awful could happen any moment, but I'm actually getting to the point of being able to appreciate that happening to me. It sounds strange to say that, but it has actually gotten me to a point of living more fearlessly. I'm a fighter, a survivor, and most of all, I'm lucky. I've dealt with one evil person in my life, but they're so outnumbered by the beautiful people.

So this year, I want to celebrate you! You who have read, commented, emailed. I want to thank you for every word of encouragement and support!

One of our Circa sponsors, the very talented Meredith Piccin of Honey Rose & K, offered me a piece of jewelry from her line (she's awesome)! And as much as I want to keep it (her jewelry is AMAZING!), I want one of you to have it even more!


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It's my way of saying thank you for reading this blog, for supporting my dreams, and for helping me grow into the person I'm trying to be! And I hope this next year of my life brings even more changes, adventures, and better blogging! My heart is VERY full! :)