July Wishlist: Workin' On My Fitness

I don't know about you guys but to even think about losing weight I have to work hard. Like military regimen hard. I don't talk about it much on here but I have an auto-immune disease that has wiped out my thyroid completely- that handy little thing that controls important weight-related things like your energy level and metabolism. So for me it's an uphill battle all of the time for even the tiniest result. Some months are harder than others, but lately I've been so grateful to be enjoying a stretch of feeling well and being motivated to work out. And since I also get stretches of feeling horrible, whenever I'm in the upswing I try to run with it as long as I can. This past month or so I've been trying not to miss any workouts and usually double up on days, doing both a half-marathon walking program and my newest obsession POP Pilates by Cassey of Blogilates. I love her personality and the wide variety of videos keep it really entertaining.

I'm loving my programs, but I've realized lately just how badly I need to upgrade my gear. Here's what's on my workout wishlist this month...



yoga mat | tee | sports bra | fitbit | pants | water bottle | sneakers


Hallelujah for a sports bra with clasps and under wires! And how amazing is that yoga mat?! There are several other patterns of the magic carpet mat at Anthropologie through the link above. And while we're talking yoga, I have to confess that I really love meditation but can never get into any kind of regular routine with it. I love the idea in theory, but in reality I find it much too hard to turn away from my to-do list to literally do nothing for 20 minutes.

Anyone else have this problem? And if so, have you tried the Insight Timer app?...


iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2


It's apparently a guided meditation app that shows the activity of others with scores and awards milestones reached, making it a hit among the competitive, goal-oriented people who are generally more high-strung than your average ohm-er. So long story short, who wants to join with me and watch while I crush you in mental clarity? ;)


Do you use any of the products above? Give me your good, bad, and ugly reviews in the comments section!