Let's Talk About... Regimens

I love a good system. A schedule. A list to cross off. They don't always work for me and I don't always follow through 100%, but consistently jumping into a challenge is the only thing that keeps me (arguably) from being a complete mess. Lately I've been particularly fond of two bloggers that are creating awesome challenges that help me strive for the life I want. So in case you're like me, with a daily to-do list, a cleaning schedule, and even a rotating thrift shopping schedule, I wanted to share these gems I've found.

And if you really like one, leave me a comment and we can go through the programs together!


Cassie Ho of Blogilates' Pop Pilates Workout Calendar


I will never, ever be one of those people who loves working out (who are those people and what planet are they from?). But I will always be one of those people who has to work out a lot. It's hard work to look this out of shape, haha.

But that's why I'm so obsessed with this program. Cassie makes everything really fun. Her workouts are hard but they're short (about 8-12 min.) so you can do your daily videos all at once or spread them out. I find myself much more willing to do five different ten minute workouts than a 50 minute one, which even though I recognize the equality here, just seems like such a commitment.


Plus, they're different everyday. And I noticed results in the first week. Everything felt lifted a little higher, if you know what I'm saying. Bonus: There are also recipes that are super low-cal and work for a lot of dietary restrictions (gluten free in the house!).


 You can access all of the awesomeness here and see all the videos on her YouTube channel here.


Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society's #StyleMe Challenge

I've talked about this before and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few StyleMe hashtags on my photos, but I just love these prompts!


As someone who mainly freelances, I have a tendency to work in sweats and no makeup a lot, only getting ready when something requires me to do so. But whenever I'm in one of those slumps, I notice it makes me feel kind of sad and my overall energy level tends to drag. Pushing myself to participate in each daily prompt really gets me excited about getting dressed and posting on Instagram (another thing I need a push to stay motivated with).


Plus Hilary herself is just very cute and inspiring. In her Style & Stylability series she gives styling tips and lessons that are just so smart. I usually tend to find those things to be a little boring, feeling like I can anticipate all the tips (like no duh a belt creates an hourglass), but she has some really valuable advice and a very interesting perspective.


That click won't work, by the way. The videos are time-sensitive, so you'll want to subscribe to check them out. You can do so on her blog here. I am signed up for all her newsletters and they never disappoint.


I try to follow these programs every month but have yet to have a month where I don't miss any days, so that is my goal for November! Anyone with me? If either of these look like fun challenges to you, leave me a comment and we can track our progress together! Here's to tighter bods and better outfits! ;)