Life in the Middle

Welcome to my passion project, "Style on High." I have always loved fashion and art in general. The act of styling, whether we're talking head-to-toe or floor-to-ceiling, makes my pulse race and a beautifully styled frame, whether on a screen or in a gallery, can literally take my breath away. But fashion is for the fabulous and I teeter in and out of average on most days. I was raised a middle child in middle America and middle class can often be considered a high compliment to my finances. But being middle-of-the-road doesn't change the fact that the passion is still there and it's what drove the creation of my blog. I'm coming to you from Columbus, Ohio, which is sometimes referred to as "The Biggest Small Town in America." For any of you not familiar with Columbus, High St. is the major street that runs through the entire area and houses loads of amazing local stores and restaurants, which is what inspired the name "Style on High". While it's not exactly NYC, we do have a truly awesome arts district and a locally-grown-loving community that allows boutique-style shops to thrive. So all fashion is not lost (Hallelujah!).

I'm hoping for two major things with this blog:

1. I want to provide a fashion guide to Columbus for all the imports who just moved into town. There's so much to see and do in this city and I want to help out with navigating what can sometimes seems overwhelming.

2. I'm hoping to bring a little splash of the fabulous to those of you out there who might be like me, struggling to pay bills or lose weight or whatever "average" issue you might have, but still craving a fashionable life in spite of your situation. Hopefully, we can share tips and ideas for overcoming any obstacle together.

Here's to a beautiful and fabulous future!


PS- Check back in tomorrow for my recap of all the amazing crafters and artists at this weekend's "Craftin' Outlaws" show. Central Ohioans, you won't believe some of the incredible talents right in your backyard!