Life Lately + A "Stylin'" September Playlist

Welcome to "Life Lately," the new, updated version of my regular "Currently" series. I thought it was time to switch the format up a little and I also wanted to work my love of music into the blog more. So each month, I'll be sharing my regular prompts as well as a new work playlist. Check it out and feel free to share a few of your own answers to these prompts in the comments. I love to hear about your lives! :)


Here's what my life looks like lately...


Dreaming up some paintings I want to make to liven up my apartments bare walls. I've talked about these diamond paintings by Kurt Pio before and I've basically been thinking non-stop about how I can attempt to recreate them on a budget. Must. Have. Diamond. Painting.


Watching You're the Worst. Have you seen this show yet? I think it's hilarious. Equally hilarious- the new season of The Mindy Project on Hulu! You've got to love a good Joseph Gordon-Levitt dream sequence. :)


Reading so far nothing this month except the September issues, but I've got Go Set a Watchman and Why Not Me? on my list for next week (did I mention I like Mindy Kaling?).

Feeling cozy!! I get so excited when the temperatures start to drop. I feel like this might get me a few unsubscribes, but does anyone else love to see the summer go? Bring on the fall festivities!

Eating macarons from Pistacia Vera. It's basically the first place I take anyone from out of town. They seriously could not be better. Pistachio is my favorite. Mmmmm....


Working on our costume collection for Highball. Ankara prints are basically taking over my life.

Wearing boots! It's not quite cool enough here in Ohio to warrant them, but I just couldn't wait. This awesome patchwork pair and these olive western boots are topping my boot wishlist right now.

Planning on tackling some rug diy projects. I mean, this is pretty cool for $30, right?

Listening to this awesome style-inspired playlist! Whether you're obsessing over NYFW or just back-to-school shopping, September, to me, is all about style. This playlist is so fun and upbeat- perfect for a dance party break! You can listen to it on Spotify here.



What are you excited to wear this fall?