Local Love... A First Look at "Circa"

I've been wanting to tell you guys about a project I've been working on for a while now, and it's finally at a point that I feel like I can share it with the world! I've only been blogging for about six months, but this little passion project has given me the opportunity to meet so many talented and inspiring people around Columbus. I like to do my "Local Love" posts and feature designers, shops, artists, brands, etc. And as I was trying to choose the next person to feature here, I had an idea- why not feature a whole group of talented people in one big event? And that's how Circa was born!


Circa is an innovative fashion show featuring some of the most amazing Columbus-based designers. The idea behind the show is that each designer will be focusing on a specific era in fashion- Old Hollywood, Disco, Grunge, etc.- and how it has influenced their modern collections. I'm so excited to have some truly amazing designers on board, several whom you may have seen at CMH Fashion Week...

Like Rachel Lynn Kaplan...
CMHFashionWeek_RachelKaplan Erica Dawn Woodmore... CMHFashionWeek_EricaWoodmore And Lubna Najjar. CMHFashionWeek_LubnaNajjar
(All CMH Images by Michael Powers)


And a few from Highball Halloween...

Like Shann Cortes...
And Cierra Lauren Reeve.
(All Highball images by Jim Sanders Photography)

I'm absolutely thrilled about the talent already involved- including an awesome DJ, some great photographers and videographers, and an after party featuring The High Definitions! And there's lots more still to come!

If you, or someone you know, is a major talent in the Columbus scene, or just someone wanting some volunteer experience, please contact me- there are still many positions available! And if you are a local business or have some excellent connections- we really need sponsors! Oh, and did I mention the main reason we're pulling all of this together? Sales from the event will go to benefit the local non-profit organization, FLIP, which you may have read about in my previous blog post, here.

So please help me make this event a huge success! Whether you can bring your talents, provide sponsorships, help spread the word, or just simply buy a ticket, Circa can use all the help we can get! I'll keep you updated on this space, but please check out Circa's website, here, for more information.